Why Does Kuroda Use SA2 vs. Oro?

Anyone have an idea why Kuroda uses SA2 against Oro?

I also noticed that every-time Oro uses Orb super, Kuroda decides to EX-Clap it, any have any idea why?

My assumption would be that one of Oro’s biggest advantage is air game. SAII make Oro scared to be in the air.

The clap thing might help stop unblockables since it will take away a couple hits off the ball.

yeah, oro jumps a lot.

SA2 = Oro cannot leave the ground. Did you not SEE how many times the Oros got supered when they jumped or went for Chickens?

EX Clap = It takes hits from Oro’s SA2 so that it’s not a big threat.

I haven’t seen the Kuroda Hugo DVD, but I assume that he not only makes Oro jump a lot less, but considering he’s Kuroda, he’ll redparry any Chicken stomps and punish with SA2. That’s beefy damage to counter a move that’s normally not so easy to counter.

Exactly. He basically spams mp beating most of Oro’s pokes and fireballs and still causing nasty stun on the attacks it trades with, then as soon as the Oro gets desperate Kuroda SA2s their jumps or as you said red-parries their Chickens in to SA2. That’s almost literally all he does, he makes that match-up look horrific.

Is there anymore footage around of Kuroda’s Hugo? I mean, besides his DVD. I plan on buying it soon, but it seems I can only find a very small handful of videos on youtube.