Why does MvC2 make my PS2 freak out?

I didn’t know where to put this so mods, feel free to move it if need be.

For some reason, when I try to play the PS2 version of MvC2, the system will make these horrible sounds when it’s trying to read the disc. Ive set the Disc Speed option to “Fast” and it still does the same thing. Thing is, if I leave the disc in the system for a few hours and come back to it, it’ll boot right up. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is the ONLY game that does this. Every other game I own (blue disc games included) boot right up and work perfectly. Am i the only one to have this experience with this?

And no cracks about why I’m playing the PS2 version. I don’t wanna hear it lol! >> << >_>

The Ps2 version of the game was a nice enough port, its what i played till 360.

And perhaps its because MVC2 was on CD-Rom, and your particular PS2 does not like to play them. Not every PS2 game was on DVD-Rom…

Is the disc cracked or dirty?

I had this problem too. It happens to some PS2s. It has to do with MvC2 being a blue CD. When I first got the game, it worked fine, but over time, it would fail on me and start making those noises too. I sent my PS2 to Sony and got it repaired. The game worked for a little bit, but then eventually died again.

If you want to play MvC2, I suggest using a Dreamcast emulator.


He should have gotten the XBOX1 version if he had to pick between PS2 or XBOX version, If you had the choice for the dreamcast version always lean that way. I guess you could always emulate it aslong as you own the game.

I’ve never heard of this problem before.

The disc is in fine shape. No cracks, scratches, and I’ve buffed it with a soft cloth (read: on my shirt :lol: ) It’s a phat PS2 that I bought in '01 maybe? It’s served me well and has never given me any problems other than this.

I’ve looked for some DC emulators, but I’m on a Mac which is fail-city where emulation is concerned. I really hope MAME gets the Naomi emulation crackin’ soon because I’d love to be able to play Marvel, GG, and CvS2 on my computer.

And here’s the thing: I play other blue CD games somewhat regularly and have never had the problems I’ve had with Marvel. It’s really odd. >_>