Why does MvC3 replace SSFVI?

Hey guys,

well I have to apologize if there is already a thread for this topic. I also apologize if this is the wrong section for such a thread.
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My question is : Why does MvC3 replace SSFVI? I am talking about the console versions of them.
Don´t get me wrong. I am really psyched for those of you, who enjoy MvC3, but it really annoys me to read all the eulogies regarding MvC3. The worst thing about it is that I do not even know why it annoys so much.
The only thing I can imagine is that I do not know the reason. Thus I kinda feel lost.
Perhaps you will laugh or something like that, but I really practise SSF4 on PS3 without any remarkable progress.This is so weird, because in general I am a quite efficient gamer.
And now with all these quitting people I start getting the idea that I waste my time. Practising a game everyone is quitting sucks…Although I do not play it because it is/was popular or something, it starts to demotivate me.
To summarize it, I want to understand why so many people start playing MvC3 instead of SSF4. Maybe it is because that the Arcade Edition is not available for consoles dunno…
Sorry for spamming such a wall of text!

You shouldn’t play SSF4 if you only think it’s worth playing because of popularity.

Yeah play a game that you can only play by yourself. That’s what’s really cool. Also be yourself. And OP, you shouldn’t post a thread that you’re sorry for…

Because Capcom is the One True God of 2D Fighting Games to something like 95% of casuals and potmonsters, and newer is always better for that kind of player, perhaps?

If people played games just because they were good, the scene would be dominated mostly by ST, KoF 2002 UM, and GGAC (maybe Slash over AC).

EDIT: Apparently not-so-subtle trolling is beyond some people. Maybe it was the fact that even as a troll post this got something both true and constructive across in the first line?

I’m not saying he should go play a one player fighting game. It’s just stupid to think SF4 is dead because it has to share the spotlight now with MvC3. If it bothers you that much, I question whether you genuinely like the game or not.

There are a bunch of people who play fighting games that aren’t SF4 or MvC3. That doesn’t mean they’re wasting their time.


hahaha i thought the same thing. “if people only played good games, then of course people would be playing my favorite games”

The most likely situation is that as the novelty of being a new game wears off for MvC3, it will share the spotlight with SSF4. Just gotta realize when all these people have been playing pretty much SF4 exclusively for 2 years, they probably want to play something new.

Nah, the only game on that list that I actually play is GGAC. ST is pretty much “the” definitive Street Fighter for OGs, so far as I understand it, so I put it on the list. Same for KoF2002 UM with regards to balanced 3v3 fighters.

A list of games I like would look more like:

Garou, GGAC, MBAA, AH3

It was a troll post either way. Sometimes I just can’t help myself, and I wanted to say something semi-productive.

I think we’re done here. It turns out you can play more than one game without exploding.