Why does my avatar have a little pause?

it pauses at the last frame for some reason. why?

You had a duplicate frame in there.

I removed it.

Hope you don’t mind me altering it some

I like this better man! thanks!

How did you get the frames to line up like that btw?

psycho’s just that damn good

looks like Sakura is trying to swim instead of dance, lol!

InVeRs3, dope concept for an av and good assist by PsychoSquall :tup: :tup:

Were you moving each frame manually and lining it up? :lol:

If you click the little link symbol thing by all the frames in the frame… box and link them, when you move one, it moves all of 'em…

Oh man, all this time i’ve been doing it manually!

Id like to take this time to say…Squall and Shatter have the best avs ever made. Period.