Why does my face keep getting raped!?!?!


and im not a sf noob well to sf4 i am but i used to play sf2 all day when it first came out. but i dunno why sf4 is so freaking hard. i always get raped online. i was doing okay when i was in g3 but once i hit g2 i can’t beat anyone! its so frustrating and i even bought a fight stick thinking it was going to help (yeah i know…)

i dunno like i can pull of gnarly combos in training mode but when i play online i tend to semi-freeze up? or just can’t pull them off and sometimes it feels like they always know what im going to do!:mad:


Take a break for a few days, watch alot of match up vids (www.streetfighterdojo.com), learn the matchups + frame data, and practice practice practice then when you are tired of practicing … practice some more. As weird as it sounds, losing actually makes you a better player, learn from your losses to improve.

I hate to say you were facing noobs in G3 b/c there are some pretty decent players in G3, but there is a def. difference in the talent pool at G2 than G3 and so on so forth as you move up in the ranks.

If it seems as if someone knows what you are going to do, then maybe you are rushing things and being predictable. Patience can go along way in SF4, also the huge combo opportunities will grant themselves when available. It’s best just to play the game and take what the opp. gives you, or what you can force them to give you. If you can record your matches, do so and post the vids in the characters forum and to get feedback from the users here, even the ones where you get raped.

The most important part as you move up is, learn how to tech-grab and if you aren’t good at it, get good at it b/c you will get thrown ALOT as you move up the ranks. You will see alot of spamming as you move along, and if someone senses that you can’t beat a certain trap, why would they stop???

Who do you main if you don’t mind me asking?


mainly ryu. sometimes i try to use sagat to get better with him but i fail.


I strongly suggest the Saikyo board or discussing things in your main’s portion of the board. Closing.