Why does noone in the SF universe have armpit hair?

I know… I know… its a weird question and really not important. I considered posting this in general discussion but it is a strictly Street Fighter related question.

Any thoughts? I mean, I can understand like Ryu and Ken and all the female characters. But Zangief? I totally picture him hiding a damn forest under each arm. Instead its smooth as a baby.

I’d thought “maybe its cause you get armpit hair when you reach puberty and its sort of like a pubic hair kind of thing that they want to avoid” but then I remembered that they gave Rufus a “treasure trail” shudder so that idea went out the window (along with lunch.)

maybe they are subliminally promoting the removal of armpit hair??

apparetly its good hygiene

It’s bad hygiene. Armpit hair helps you sweat properly, which is good for your body.

Also, Ken having no armpit hair, maybe, he’s a vein bastard, but Ryu is essentially a tramp, it’s a wonder he doesn’t have dreads and hair everywhere.

Maybe he uses the power of hadou to burn off his body hair?

…maybe Zangief enjoys shaving? In fact, his hair is grouped in akward patches >_>

I think he just grew up that way. He’s tufty.

The truth is that Zangief is himself a bear who once learned to shave.


like what u see???

That explains all the scars over his body

that’s a good question. I never thought about it.

rufus needs to have arm pit hair.

Because arm pit hair is absolutely disgusting.

And Rufus’ treasure trail is the most absolutely sexy thing you’ve seen before? :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I wish that wasn’t in the game either. Not a fan of body hair.

It’s not just SF but also Tekken, Dragonball, Fist of the North Star, etc. It’s the whole Japanese animation industry that promotes this image of hairless men. It’s the same reason that male underwear models in the west shave all their body hair. It’s the perception that this is what is attractive. The only characters that actually have body hair are the big/fat/ugly characters like Zangief/Rufus/Blanka, since that type of body is considered unattractive. The only one that I can’t explain is Miguel from Tekken, but then he’s latino and they’re known to have a macho/hairy image, so I guess that explains it.

edit: I’m glad they didn’t portray Poison with armpit hair and a treasure trail though. LOL

They are saving that for her Alternative Costume.

Japanese people don’t have armpit hair. It’s similar to the way that most Native Americans don’t have facial hair… it just doesn’t grow there. Unless they’re exposed to it through e.g. Hollywood films, the average Japanese person isn’t even aware that armpit hair exists, so naturally they’re not going to depict it anime or video games.

Similarly, roughly one in every twenty or so females in Japan is born with a penis. In the modern age, due to post WWII Western cultural influence, sometimes the parents will choose to have their daughter’s penis removed at birth, but more often it’s simply left there, and it’s traditionally considered to be not only good luck, but a highly desirable physical trait in a wife. That goes a long way toward explaining some of the themes found in Japanese hentai, or the existence of a character like Poison, which may seem rather bizarre from our cultural perspective.

Honestly shouldn’t ryu look like a hobo in at least one of the games?

Do you really want to see the extra water splash effect in trailers stemming from the characters’ armpits?


I’m with Juri Licious. Not a fan of body hair; never was.

How would they know its a girl do they still have there WhatsAmaCaLLIts?