Why does plinking work?

Hi Guys

Before I can plink I feel I need to understand why I should plink. I am not looking for a because it’s faster answer here im looking for technically what allows this to work in the game and why is it better then ordinary timing. I want to know why the game engine reads a plink different to a timed button press. Also any stratagies on learning to plink would be helpfull understanding that I have read what is already available on this site. Thanks. Jon

The plinking thread in the SF4 section should answer most of your questions.


I would like to know as well. I have always relied on pure timing. Maybe I will learn something new. Great question!

It cuases the game to read 1 input twice.

When you a press a button it is inputted on 1 single frame. Plinking lets you input for 2 consecutive frames.

If you’re trying to do Ryus 1 frame link to his sweep and you plink HK with MK it causes the HK input to be read twice. Which means HK is being inputed on 2 frames instead of just the 1 from the 1 button press.

This makes it almost a 2 frame link (depending on how you look at it).

It doesn’t make links fool proof because you still have to be on with your timing and when you’re plinking it’s a different timing from doing it regularly but, it does make tough links way way easier if you l master plinking.

Why does the game allow you to plink? It’s an exploit of the game engines input leniency, I believe.