Why does ryus joudan come out when i try cancel his hadoken



In online matches i commonly do the block string:
cr lpx2, cr mk cancel into heavy hadoken.
However about 50% of the time ryus joudan (wheelkick) comes out.

Im 100% im hitting the hp for his hadoken, but the game registers it as a kick for some reason and im getting punished when the wheel kick is blocked.

Does anybody else have this problem?


Are you holding :db: when doing it? It might be that the system is reading it as a negative edge and giving you the donkey kick instead of the fireball.


yes i think i am holding downback, how would i go about stopping the negative edge coming out?


All right are you playing on pad.
I had this problem when I played on pad too.
It’s because of the button you are using the Mk before the fireball is causing the negative edge.
The way to bypass this is to press the fireball punch button really really fast after you input cr. mk

Or you can do what D3v said and not hold down back while doing the combo


I’m not sure how large the window for the attack input on the joudan kick is, but I do beleive that you either have to hold :d: instead of :db: or change the timing of your :mk: and :hp:.


thanks for the response. im playing on a stick.
i think ill try holding down for now.
the problem is if you try and cancel into the hadoken too quickly, the game thinks you want a chain combo and crouching HP will come out instead of the fireball?


Problematic isnt it.
I have not had this problem so far as I do that combo.
There are better ones to do yknow.


Hold “mk” while you press punch. Annoying, I know. Fucking negative edge made playing HDR Cammy 200 times harder for me, lol.


usually i just do my standard as a block string.
which combos do u use?
(nothing too difficult im not the best at timing links)


You’re just holding down the mk button to long. Try your best to just tap the buttons.

Ending with mk joudan on hit, and hk joudan on block is best. Should just use fireball in a block string if they start mashing between c.mk and hk joudan.