Why does sean suck exactly?

could someone give me some real reasons as to why Sean sucks? I see a lot of people who throw it around. I just want some GOOD reasons.

I mean, I know he changed, I just cant exactly see how. maybe someone could enlighten me as to why?

I’ll take it frame by frame.

Maybe his dragon punch used to be too good, but now it seems like they’re compensating for it because it sucks. The light version is alright, but generally only useful in combos because of it’s slow startup and (relatively) low priority.

His axe kick can be seen a mile away and parried easily, even the ex is hard to avoid unless the character is abnormally large and faces three hits instead of two.

His toward-fierce overhead seems good, but it recovers so slowly that an opponent who suffers both hits will be able to retaliate with a super or any quick special move.

His tornado kicks are the same, the light is the best because it gives the enemy very little time to retaliate at all, but the medium and heavy versions recover slowly enough to get supered even if you hit them.

His supers are pretty bad. Okay, not that bad. So his hyper tornado has comparable damage to the shinshoryuken (and is fun to watch), but unlike the latter, you can’t reset opponents with it, nor can you combo off of a dragon punch. That might be splitting hairs, however, but the real reason that one sucks is although it looks like a low attack, it can be blocked high. The shoryucannon is pretty good, actually, but it has a short initial range and is the most vulnerable when blocked. The hadou burst would be alright if it had any kind of priority or speed. Plus he sticks his hands out there for an eternity. At least you get three and can add fuel to your ex uppercuts.

He has some pretty good normal techniques, the traditional invincible crouching strong, a nice dash, and potential for mixups.

so, no one has bothered to re learn sean like he was a new character?

I’ll add a couple of comments.

His roll used to have some good invincibility in 2nd impact, but is now pretty bad.

Overall, Sean can have potential for a decent mixup game, but he really doesn’t have anythign you can abuse. That’s really what puts him in the bottom tier.

yes, lots of people did.

He sucks because everything he does is a risk. The safest move he has is the dash and the throw (LP+LK) and one of them doesn’t do damage !

Like a shoto, his crouching moves are cancellable with the exception of c.RH … BUT !!!.. cancel into what? you can only do short hurricane and DP (and EX versions of those)that would combo and even those are conditional. (you can’t do c.short xx short hurricane for example, and if you use stading close RH xx DP it won’t connect because they are too far), this comboability is what separates him from the shotos, he can’t do as much GUARANTEED damage (unless you have 3 levels of hadouburst all the time, you can’t really just drain your opponent’s meter with one shoto combo after another). His RH hurricane kick is punishable, hit or blocked.

his DP is slow and can be thrown at startup. Something the other shotos don’t have.

How much mixups can you really do? Well a lot, but after a while the other shotos will have a full meter from taking little hits from you (not to mention they build meter really fast) and then one option select parry, * BAM * you eat a super and the mixup work you did for the past 60 seconds is gone.

now to the good stuff…

  • his dash, its the best shoto dash, fuck everyone else, his dash has the perfect distance for everything, although you can’t do much damage once you are in.

  • s.close RH has crazy long stun reel animation time you can hit it, order a pizza and do QCFx2+P (for his SA3 rush super) and eat that pizza while your super hits.

  • Best part about playing Sean, is if you lose…hey I was using Sean! of course I’ll lose !..but if you win…Holy shit you suck, you lost to Sean ! HAHAHAHA

ok i can’t think right now of other reasons why Sean sucks, there are more…oh yeah his sweep is not a shoto sweep, its so god damn slow and the range is not like that of other shotos (at least that’s how see it).

Sean doesn’t suck the player using him does.

crouching mk-> hadou burst on a crouching opponent does almost half…


sean always has meter… u cant play him like a shoto, if u do then u will lose.

thats probably why capcom changed him, they saw he was turning into another ken (thats what i saw), so they decided to add a spin to him and made him his own seperate entity…

lp roll whenever u know someone will throw

never do hk tornado, u recover the same time as the opponent after the mk tornado

lk axe kick is surprisingly hard to parry in a mix up sequence… basically if u use this like the cpu does… u will eat a huge combo while your still crouching from the recovery.

his sweep dos stun damage, unlike the other shoto’s he hits harder than ryu, crouching fierce punch has mad priority,

also the mix up games everyone knows…fake tackle throw for example will not work… u know why? cus everyone knows that trick!!!

a real sean player wouldnt even use this… a real sean player would actually go for the tackle!!!

sean doesnt suck, his wins arent easy and the poster was right he has nothing really he can abuse other than his pretty good shoto parry bait normals… close standing HP blocked equals a free parry lk axe blocked equals a free parry, imagine they sweep, u parry, crouching mk-> hadou burst ouch where did the life go?

with sean u wanna always use his ex moves, not his normal specials… ex tornado, ex shoryuken especially. he cant be thrown out of either.

u must play smart and take advantage of your opponent’s under estimations of the character sean.

sean is all reaction time and randomness, pull out moves so the opponent has no time to respond to them thats the whole premise of playing as ANY character in the game. u master being unpredictable u can win with sean.

Sean is the Garbage Man

u dont even have to be expert parry to parry his Hadou-Burst unlike other Super Art projectiles

His Dragon Smash has no range and leaves him open if it misses

His Sean Tackle can be forseen easily, can’t be two-in-one’d, can be easily blocked leaving Sean open for punishment

He has the most low priority & basic combos unlike most characters

He’s Dan in disguise

shut up, he sucks if u play him, he’s as decent as the person playing him.

And u suck as long as your on ya knees

ROFFEL, those last two posts kill me :lol:

The reason Sean isn’t considered good (by me) is because the things you need to do to win with him come down to plain and simple mastery of basics. He brings nothing extra. I consider him the blank/blueprint character. It almost feels like he has NO tools other than those that other character also have. His DP seems like his only special.

Master these:
Parry baiting
throw/dp mixup

and you can hang with Sean, but once you’ve mastered those, you might as well play another Shoto, since they can do what Sean does and a lot more.

I’ve seen Sean’s EX Uppercut gets snuffed by Q’s Capture & Deadly Blow. I even saw Sean flashing yellow for a good while before he got grabbed. Therefore, Sean sucks :smiley:

u can throw dudley out of super art one

cd&b grabs ken out of sa3

not like the q player has that kind of timing to immediately know when sean will upper cut.

makoto (karakusa) grabs shoto’s out of shoryukens all the freaking time they must suck too.

sean is top tier .

at least ** sean was in rank 3rd in the low tier **

the LOWEST is actually Q , 2nd is hugo and 3rd is sean

You’re saying Q is lower than Twelve? Right…

Q actually has options, unlike Sean. He has two very good Super Arts, one of the best kara-throws in the game, and an AWESOME command grab.

Don’t forget his taunts, either, should he get three off he goes from bottom tier to top tier really quick.

And plus, Twelve is worse than all of those guys anyway, who are you kidding?

sean is much better than twelve or Q…:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s true.

Sean at least has all the good shoto normals (hell, some of them he has better) and REAL combos. Q and Twel(e)ve have pretty much nothing. It’s all poking and single hits, and if you luck out a medium damage combo.

N - I still love you, Twelve!

Hugo ranked that low? I’m somewhat skeptical on that one…

hugo has potential to be a damaging opponent in the right hands (read: good player). otherwise, he can get shut out quickly by zoning. the standard parry/poke routine will work most hugos pretty well. in any event, this is what my tiers look like.

  1. ken

  2. yun

  3. chun

  4. urien

  5. dudley

  6. oro

  7. akuma

  8. ryu

  9. makoto

  10. yang

  11. elena

  12. necro

  13. alex

  14. sean

  15. hugo

  16. q

  17. remy

  18. twelve

so which character does Sean have an advantage on or at least go 5 to 5 (except Sean vs Sean) ?