Why does sf4 suck soo much? (aka I <3 SF3)

well maybe the question is why is 3rd strike so fuckin awesome??? now hear me out…ive been playing third strike for about a month straight now. LOVE THIS FUCKING GAME. then tonight im like “oh lemme get back into sf4 because ver 2012 is almost out bla bla” after my first online match im like wtf? i felt like I was watching a youtube video with an internet speed of a calculator in a rainforest during a storm. its so sllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooowwwwww. i cant even play it! lol jesus christ like i seriously turned it off after 3 matches. but heres the dilemma. since I got into 3so so freakin late theres hardly anyone on anymore. and when there is their connection sucks, so just to find a decent match takes a while. my fault i know but what do i do? is the KOF that just came out fast paced like 3rd strike? is there any other fighting game i should pick up now that ive seen the light and have fallen for 3rd strike??? seriously im soo fucked im not even hype for sf x tekken anymore lol

my exact reaction is 8 seconds into this vid…


3rd Strike is not fast paced.

This hasen’t been done before

^ not by me it hasn’t chief


3S feels more fast paced because your more mentally pressured typically to do stuff plus your reactions appear to be worse because the normals are much slower then in SFIV.

However, serious answer to locked thread serves no purpose.

sf4 sucks because sakura is in it

This topic is now about how awesome Dunkey is:



3S has 2 frame normals, SFIV does not.

OP vs proper spelling and grammar is a 0-10 matchup, OP gets bodied free.

Fuck me.

let me rephrase that question.

why do you suck in sf4?