Why does SFa3 on DC sucks?

Sorry if this was already posted. Most people here says that sfa3 for dreamcast sucks. I played, and I didn’t see too much differences between it and the arcade version. All I know is that phe PSone version sucks, but thats it.

the reason why I ask this, is because I wanted to buy it, but I really want to know if it really worth it. Thanx!

Bad gameplay tweaks, missing animation, the game’s graphics bleed from the screen (like PS2 CvS2). There was a really good thread about this awhile back, but yeah the Dreamcast version is the worst out of all them. And the Playstation version is more closer to the arcade version than the DC version is. So you got it backwards. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say it depends on what you are willing to sacrifice.

Many people in here are die-hard Capcom fans, and they are so die-hard that they are so conservative of themselves that they can’t see anything compared to the Arcade.

I look at it this way.

SFA3 for the DreamCast has a hell of a lot much more add-ons and fightingmodes then the Arcade will ever have, more characters and even an intresting World Tour Mode where you will be able to fight against multiple enemies on the screen at the same time.
The DreamCast/PSX version of the game add new dimentions to it to the sacrifice of dropping the Arcade feel to it.

BUT, the PSX version is a bit different from the DC since due to the technical flaws the PSX had slowdowns, little space on CDs and among others.
The DreamCast uses GigaDiscs and has a boosted graphical preformance far better then the PSX and thereore there is more added to the DreamCast version of SFA3 then there is to the PSX version.

Secondly I do not think it’s an financial issue.
DreamCastgames are fairly cheap now thesedays due to the console itself being dead for over the past years.
You can find pretty much any game for the DreamCast for somewhere near 10 bucks each.
I saw MvC2 for $9.99 the other day and I bought Marvel Super Heroes for $5.
So its not like it’s your lifes biggest question ever.

But, I wouldn’t recommend you playing the game with the default controller in any way.
That one sucks completely for Capcom games in every way.
Buy a stick (if you can find one) or alternatively, buy a GamePad with a better button-layout (preferebly with 8 buttons) as a substitute until you find a stickfor a resonable price.
GamePads for the DC that have a better layout doesn’t cost more then 10-15 bucks.

In total, the DC version has some extra stuff that adds new dimentions to the gameplay and some fun stuff, but it sacrifices the Arcade perfection if that’s what you are looking for.

I myself am still stuck in World Tour Mode in that game and I can’t get past the last boss.

Gee. Wonder why?



After you lose from that last battle, it lists a bunch of options for you to choose from. Example: Retry, Save, etc.
An extra option appears only after this particular battle, and you can just choose it to proceed as if you had won that fight.

I honestly don’t know why they don’t just include the option of either “DC” (with home version-specific tweaks) or “Arcade” in the home version. That way everyone would have been happy. I mean, they did it for SvC Chaos on PS2.

I don’t play on the “tourney level”, but then again, I haven’t been to any tourneys with it, so the tweaks really don’t matter that much to me, but I can see why it’s such a big deal.

Are you using S video for your PS2? My CvS2 looked crystal clear on the ps2. I litteraly sat and was in awe of the character select screen when I first saw it after playing the DC one for so long.

DC SFA3 is good for one thing, that is 3 player Dramatic Battle.
Just too fun!!

dc A3 fucking sucks. why can’t capcom just do a good arcade port? is it really that hard? They were probably too busy making another shitty resident evil game to worry about it. fucking useless capcom.

People don’t like the DC version because it’s even less like the aracde then the other two, and when you want to, you know, LEARN how to play a game, you generally want to stick to the best possible port.

bad things about the DC version (as far as I can remember)

Screwy timing on v-isms
move properties changed (sakura stand roundhouse comes to mind)
characters balance changed around

wasn’t the katobbi and the crouch cancels removed too? I coulda sworn they were, but then, maybe the timing on them is fucked up too.

From what I heard, the Japanese Sega Saturn version of Alpha 3 was the best port than both PSX and DC versions. Someone on another msg board I go to clarified why.

By Neo Geo.com’s Kirk Foiden

After all, with the RAM cart, Sega Saturn was a true 2-D Powerhouse in the 32-bit world and practically no one complained about Capcom ports of arcade games.

The irony is that the Saturn version still has load times…not really in between fights, but if you do a soft reset (ABC+Start) or in between World Tour Battles.

…because Capcom was lazy. It was wither optimize the game for the Saturn, or take out all of the loading screens art…because they sure as hell weren’t going to make an art gallery feature.

That still doesn’t equal beating them :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait… what happends even if you manage to beat them?

This is getting off topic…

I don’t have CvS2 for my PS2, I have it for the DC, I played the PS2 version at a friend’s house. And it looks horrible compared to the DC version seriously, S-Video or not, it’s just bad. :confused:

Oh yeah, the Saturn version IIRC still wasn’t an exact port of the arcade version since it did have some gameplay tweaks as well, so really none of the ports of Alpha 3 are perfect, well unless you mod your Xbox and run Kawaks on it. :lol:

That’s nothing. The load times are only a few seconds at the most. At least the game itself is untouched. They are a minor nuisance at first, but you get used to it, and soon you forget about it.

I don’t think it was laziness, but that’s just my opinion.

either way, i still wouldnt mind having the game.

The reason people dislike the home ports of A3 is because they’re fundamentally different from the arcade version.

The timing on a lot of V-ISM combos is different, and there are some V-ISM’s you can hit in the arcade but you just can’t hit at home, and vice versa. I believe they changed the properties on Dhalsim’s limbs…he was a powerhouse in the arcade, but was pretty weak in the home versions. I know the timing on jump-ins into combos is way different between the two.

For most people nowadays, we buy the home version to practice for arcade play. But the home versions of A3 were useless because it wasn’t arcade play - even if we mastered everything on the DC, when we got to the arcade we’d be frustrated because things just don’t work the same.

If you are a casual gamer who doesn’t care about these things so much, then go ahead and buy it. Many people own a home version of A3 anyway because its marginally better than nothing, myself included. But if arcade perfection is what you’re after, you may find yourself quite disappointed in the conversion.

Hey thanx for the help guys! Now I’m pretty sure that i’ll buy the game. Anyway I never really played the arcade version, so I wont see any differences. Now all I gotta do is to find a good joystick, cause the dc gamepad juts plain sucks for theses games.

BTW, I own the ps2 version of CVS2, and I didn’t see too much differences between it and the arcade version… Didnt play the DC version, though.

I think ‘marginally better than nothing’ is a bit excessive. It’s a hell of a lot better than nothing. When I got Zero 3 for the PS1 from my importer I was thrilled beyond compare. I had never played the game until I got it on the PS1.

I fully understand your point though in that the versions are completely different. As I did with Zero 2 Alpha, I’ve considered doing a complete FAQ/Overview of the different versions of Zero 3. However, it seems as if this is a much bigger task than I initially thought. If the following are all different, then it’s a huge task! Arcade, PS1/DC/SS, Arcade (Z3U), then GBA…that’s 4 completely different versions. While I have all the home versions, I’ll likely never see a Z3U arcade machine anywhere near me…which brings me back to my initial point. Having a home version, even if it’s tweaked (not raped completely), is much better than nothing IMO. But I suppose those of you with access to arcade machines have a better grasp at the exact changes and such.

I’m also curious about this question.

Because usually you don’t get any real ansers. Just “DC A3 blows” and “Sim was Raped” and “VCs are different” and blah blah blah.

The closest to specifics has been Azrael-Sama. (thanks btw)

Are there any VCs that don’t work on DC alone? How exactly are Sim’s limbs changed? What moves don’t they hit now?

Just from personal experience I can say DC A3 feels different than PSX A3. Slower somehow. Kind of like DC 3S. Comboing after a jump-in seems a lot harder. Not as responsive? Added startup on moves? I don’t really know how to explain it. Anyone else experience this?

People got to give up the blind hate on console versions. Might not be aarcade perfect, but beggars can’t be choosers right? The A3 scene is dying as it is, and not everyone has an A3 arcade machine.

For one thing, his attacks are slower than in the arcade, and possibly have less priority. His standing RH could hit Ken and Ryu while they were standing in the arcade, but on console A3 it whiffs. In the arcade his low strong and low fierce could go under Hadoukens and hit ken/ryu in their fb stances which was EXTREMELY useful. On console A3, if you try to low punch under a hadouken Sim’s limbs will immediately be hit by the projectile.