Why DOES Skisonic need to shut the f*#$ up?

Quick question: why, according to stream monsters, does Skisonic need to shut the fuck up?

I for one believe he is a perfectly articulate and intelligent commentator who calls the match and tells it like it is.

hate is the new love

Nah the only broadcaster that needs to shut up is James Chen.

If stream monsters say something, that usually means the opposite is the truth, lol.

because every stream should be dogface and rockefeller

this is not a sarcastic post

Your sig is amazing.

good one

ski is great for mvc2 but i cant stand him for other games

but holy shit is he ever gdlk at commentating mvc2

I don’t like his fake hype when he starts talking fast. Plus i can’t find a hint of humor in the guy. I don’t think he is a bad guy, and he is not really annoying on the mic. I just like others more.

I miss Seb :frowning:

Because haters gon hate.

That’s not how you spell “Spooky” OP.

Speaking of Stream & Rockefeller…

Stay Tore :slight_smile:

I think Ski’s scratchy/hoarse voice tends to annoy viewers. I personally don’t mind it.

The only facet of his commentating that I can find irritating is when his commentary starts speeding up like a runaway train, but even then I don’t mind it too much.

He’s a fine commentator. Just has a different voice/method than others.

I think Ski is fine as long as his voice isn’t dead

You want to talk about people who need to shut up, let’s bring up my good friend James Chen…

James Chen being a “top level commentator” is a shining example of the Good Ol Boy system in effect.

It’s a lot of fun to hear Ultrachen commentate MvC3 for the sheer amount of information they get wrong.

But ski is coo. He da bess.

Because he has a hardon for the Starcraft community and MLG. He also sounds like a crackhead.

You didn’t just put Dogface in a sentence with that asshat :stuck_out_tongue:

SKI is fine, he’s been at it for years. Just make sure you give my mans some Ginger Tea before Finals before he start sounding like Macy Gray.

Ski’s hype is never fake. He really gets that excited.