Why does SNKP keep making the kof supers harder and harder to perform?

I don’t remember what those 2 bar supers are called so i’ll call them MAX2. Some of the supers are pretty creative like Iori’s qcfx4 finisher but some of the 02 and neowave are annoying as hell to do. For example: Athena’s max2 in 02/03/neowave, Iori’s max2 in 02/newave, O.yashiro’s max2 in 02/neowave, chang’s max2 in 02/neowave, and lastly k9999’s stupid fbfbfbfbfbfbfb in the air max2.

Just stick with a qcfx2 and do some other ones similar to that. It would be pretty fucking hard to do some of those supers after a jab.

and thats the challenge dude, to master the moves, if you want easy play EO version.

You will feel hella better pulling of some sick combo into super knowing how hard it is to pull of, well thats how i feel.

Dude…there IS no EO with SNK. That’s some Capcom crap. He said KOF, not cvs2.

theoreticly speaking, probably because they want those moves to be “super”, and for the damage done, the motion should be complicated or something.

Like in the beginning supers were supposed to trump all over moves and as such can’t be done any ole time in the match, and be difficult to pull off. But as time progressed the double motion stuff became easy for us, so we began to view supers as normal moves and with that decreased damage… So to help reiterate the inital purpose of supers they went and made it hard again.

Or maybe I’m just talking out of my ass :slight_smile:

i think the older games were harder to do…i think they made them easier over the years?
dont waste time doing max SDM…

some console kofs have the "EO"mode via shoulder pads.

Imagine if Chun Li’s SA2 was d/b,hcb,d/f+k. Balance. If Geese’s Raging Storm was qcfx2+p and Deadly Rave was qcx2+k(and required no further inputs to complete the combo) then the tiers would change[in CvS2] IMO. Against a full meter Geese you wouldn’t have a chance of jumping in and you’d have to RC all your standing projectiles. A-Geese?

It’s practice, really. The moves, also known as Hidden Super Desperation Moves, look complicated to perform but they are really easy to perform. For one like Athena’s Psycho Medley, you just have to press the buttons in correct sequence, otherwise you’ll mess it up. The only one that you’ll probably have to master is Angel’s HSDM, the Survivor’s Banquette. That one requires precise timing as it can only be used when you use her Winds Fairground to counter an air attack.

Oh, and Athena’s Psychic 10 in King of Fighters 2003 doesn’t need the button tapping. Just perform the regular motion and she will automatically do the 10 hits.

It’s just bullshit, really. With such moves, some will learn to do it 100% and others won’t (or will have to spend a stupid amount of time practicing it), so you end up separating players because of some bullshit artificial distinction like who can be bothered to pratice pulling off a dumb motion, when games should be aiming for the only factor in who wins being strategical/tactical skill.

Whats the big deal? Pick a lazy afternoon to train and youre done. Thats it. What do you want? Every DM to be d,df,f [2x] + punch?

A huge part of strategy and tactics revolve around what you can and cannot do. You wouldn’t tell an army of 10,000 soldiers to try and surround an army of 100,000 soldiers would you?

The harder it gets to pull off certain moves also cleanly separates the new players from the experienced players. KoF has always seemed to be very dedicated to their players and all of their games seem to require a lot of execution compared to a lot of other fighting games anyways and it’s good to see they are actually making strides to improve their community of fans as well. If nothing was to change, whats the point of making it and slapping “NEW” on it? If the game has too many hard motions then I guess you have to start acquiring some strategical/tactical skill with wiping out your opponent with just normal punches, kicks and throws.

Learn how to do supers, you lazy bastards.

Not to totally correct your post but:

Being able to pull off the dumb motion IS being Tactical.

Strategic, no.

Knowing WHEN to pull off that dumb motion, is being Strategic.

People need to understand that there is a big difference between the two. Because they’re not one in the same by any means.

EDIT: Also, i’d like to add that alot of players these days are more Tactical than Strategic. Simply because knowing how to bust big combos is what can get you the wins in newer games cause all of the features. That’s why some ppl just can’t play ST but can play the shit out of Marvel. And vice versa. Those that can play both usually beast in most games anyway. i.e. Justin Wong because he’s also good with strategies which make his tactics more useful than most.

btw the k9999 SDM is ez! red life\maxmode jumping C. while it hits or puts them in block stun. mash f,bx4
u should start to float then the screen will flash. unless they hit u while floating.

btw-even if a super was harder to do it may stop scrubs from abusing it,but if its worth it(super,inf,etc) tourney peeps will get it down no matter how hard!

I can do all the supers but it’s just annoying when you miss it sometimes. Iori’s qcb, qcf, b, f takes a while to do. It’s also hard to remember all three supers for the characters. I use a lot of them.

exactly!! its all about risk vs reward!!

if you put in the time and learn and perfect the complex motions, you get the benefit of using a super many ppl can’t.

also if the harder supers have higher damage, the extra time to input the super will be rewarded by extra damage.

simple!! you want all supers to be like megamans HP fireball??

SNK = Chess

Capcom = Checkers

snk does kinda OD with the super motions but like it wa stated earlier if u can do it the damage off of these moves are totally worth it

actually K9999 super is b,f,b,f,b,f jump b,f makes it a whole lot easier
hmm the hardest one would probably be the counter supers Seth, Takuma, Angel, Billy Kane, and someone i might have missed. The perform a lot of Kof’s supers is just having a good joystick and learning the shortcuts to the moves

The super motions are still ridicululous regardless of tactic or strategy.

For anyone who’s played KOF 2k2, remember how hard it was to pull off Ryo’s SDM? HARD AS FUCK. You could only do it by supercancelling or dashing and then cancelling i believe?

I would accept the argument that it’s a balancing element for the reward the supers give you, if it weren’t for the fact that EVERYONE at high levels learns to pull them off 100% (or near) anyway. Shouldn’t it be the ability to make good decisions and play good mindgames that separates players, not the amount of time you spent practicing comboing into a super with a stupid motion? It’s shit like this that’s turning off many potential players from 2D fighters. I’ve seen a fucking lot of people say the only fighter they can play is SSBM because they just don’t get why inputting commands in other games has to be such a chore. I’m not saying all fighters should go the SSBM route, but there’s no need to complicate things even further.