Why does the 8 buttonlayout 'suck'?

I was browsing all the different ‘how to build your own stick threads’ and it seems like a lot of people don’t like the 8 button layout for custom sticks. I would read comments like; 8 buttons is yuck, crap and so on. At the same time i read how everbody is exited with the madcatz te, which has the 8 button layout. I was wondering if the ‘6 button love’ and the ‘8 button hate’ is just an esthetical issue or does it has something to do with functionality? Or is it just one of those old school vs. new school kinda things? Maybe it is ‘not allowed in the scene’ to have two buttoninputs on one button? Spill it, i wanna know. And do get philosofical.

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If you want 2 more buttons its your money, get 2 more buttons if you like to use them.

arcade cabs (and therefore arcade games) have traditionally been limited to 6 buttons. naturally, people want to recreate that experience at home and having excess buttons that are prone to being pressed by accident don’t help matters. a lot of people replace the extra buttons on madcatz or other retails sticks with flat button plugs.

it does get complicated with some of the newer games and console ports. i had to rewire my 6-button custom because i didn’t know L1 (which i didn’t even have) was going to be used for picking reserve teams. some games also require 7th or 8th buttons for certain training mode functions like recording the dummy’s actions.

Yeah, I’ve wondered that too.

Honestly, why? There’s no reason not to have two extra buttons. If you don’t use the scrubby shortcuts, they’re still there if you decide to play another game that doesn’t happen to be a fighting game and uses eight buttons.

I have a TE stick and simply don’t use the two “extra” buttons while playing.

If I was going to build a stick I’d probably go with a 6 button layout, but I don’t get all bent out of shape over the matter.

I only have 6 on my TE, I cant do 8 at all. Im used to old school american 6. and i never played owned a sick with 8, and i never played on my se or te until they were fully modded with 6 buttons all seimitsu/round gates. when i try to use an 8 button setup:

if i set the first 6 as attacks, my fingers will wander to 7/8 as hard attacks.

if i set the last 6 as attacks, my fingers will wander to 1/2 as light attacks.

My first stick was 6 buttons so I had to deal with it. My new one has 8 and it kind of throws me off because I’m used to my pinky being on a flat surface instead of hitting a button. But I kind of fixed this by disabling my L1 and L2 button inputs. All in all it boils down to preference. If you like 8 buttons then go with it. If you like 6 than go with that.

Reasons I hate 8 buttons:

[]I tend to not look down when I start playing out of habit. I don’t feel like I should have to make sure my hand is in the correct location
]I hate that I have to go into controller config before the fight and disable the last two buttons.
[]Mashing isn’t as smooth
]The US/Jap combined layout isn’t nearly US enough for me. The kicks are more left than the punches.

Most 6 button layout users prefer it due to being the standard in arcades. I personally prefer the 8 button layout. For example on street fighter 4, the extra 2 buttons are set to Focus, and Throw. You’ll notice these 2 buttons are ones that require you press a kick and punch button at the same time. If you don’t time those right you will input wrong. It’s a quality of life issue for me. The extra 2 buttons are ‘shortcuts’. Each layout does have a different mode of operation, but either can be mastered and used. 6 buttons your hand will move less, but your fingers will do more. 8 buttons your hand moves more, but your fingers do less. It’s apples and oranges really, personally preference.

I think 6-button looks prettier. It’s also marginally cheaper if you’re building your own stick.

As others have said, it’s largely personal preference. After using 6 buttons for a while, though, I’ve gone back to an 8-button layout because more and more games seem to be using the extra 2 buttons for training mode and menu navigation functions. It’s a bit of a pain to do dummy recording or get through all of the menu functions in games that are expecting you to have function buttons available in addition to the gameplay buttons, or to have L2/R2 mapped.

If you learn to play on an eight-button layout, there’s no inconvenience. If you learned to play on a six-button layout, the extra buttons get in the way. Ergonomically speaking, your pinky wants to rest on the stick, like mentioned above. I actually play on a left-handed stick, so my pinky rests to the left of my LP and LK buttons, so I don’t have that problem, even with eight buttons.

In the end, it really is about personal preference. There’s very little the extra buttons offer you in terms of execution.

I think it’s more of an ‘old school players like 6 buttons>new school players want to be accepted by old school players>new school players use 6 buttons too,’ thing. I also think it’s a little easier to manage just 6 buttons than 8, and once you get used to the 6, the last 2 are just useless and get in the way. At the end of the day, I agree with what Krackatoa says, he’s usually pretty on point :).

The Namco has one of the best layouts out there - 6 buttons, with L1 and L2 available as mini-buttons up near the top where they can still be useful for training mode and menu functions. Seriously, more controllers should do that.

As for why I use a 6-button stick, not only do the extra two buttons get in the way, but (fully curved) 8-button extensions of the Astro City layout are hard to come by. I was never a fan of the straight button rows used on classic American cabinets (nor, by extension, the rightmost 6 buttons on the TE and SE layouts).

Also, some tournaments, but not all, ban the use of the L1/L2 or LT/LB buttons. (unless you’re playing on pad of course)

That just may be a reason, but I just ordered a plexi from Art Hong with only the first six buttons being cut out. Going for a 6 button Vewlix style stick. I would do the 7 button style, but if I were to just plug it anyways… it would be stupid. It just looks cleaner with the 6.

Most of it is arcade and game purism; six buttons are what cabinets had for Street Fighter, and most important to me, Street Fighter is a 6 button game. There is no PPP button in SF4 or any other SF; it just pretends that all three of the real punch buttons are pressed. So if the button set to PPP is pressed, then pressing any of the three punches doesn’t do anything. It’s an ignored input because the punches are already pressed. So if the game has six buttons, the controller should have six buttons; thats the purism part. To me, using those two additional buttons for SF4 Ultras (or worse yet, Super Turbo Boxer TAPs) is akin to using a turbo button; you’re using the controller to get around a execution barrier built into the game on purpose.

For me, since I play and practice using a six button layout, the last two buttons on an 8 button stick get in the way. I got big hands so my pinky is always there read to press the button with the crazy low force required button and mess me up. My day-to-day stick is a TE with button plugs on the last buttons, and those two trigger buttons moved to buttons I installed on the right side.

6 button config for the arcade experience. You won’t find a 3P/3K. I’ve even ordered 6 button plexi. 6 button FTW!

Sounds like something silly to argue over. Just pick whichever button layout you like best, and if the extra buttons get in the way just replace them with filler buttons.

8 button 4 lyfe.

Why would I not want to use an instant dash button if the programmers put it in?

Good luck with that if you ever plan on competing.