Why does the ball move on japanese joysticks

Why the hell does it move?

Is there some sort of tactical advantage to having the ball spin around on the joystick?

Or are people just use to it now, and there is no going back, it makes no sense to me.

it’s the shaft that spins… not the ball…

If you could unscrew it, you would steal it.

My mistake

Wouldn’t the stick feel more stable if it were to move around without spinning?

I suspect that this is one of the major reasons for the severe learning curve for former pad users when they convert and start using a joystick.

At least, that’s my problem

Doesn’t bother me. I some times have to re-angulate my wrist when playing Dhalsim.

If it didn’t move around, you would have a great time make your ball loose.

and hurting your wrist… even happ/iL sticks rotate a bit…

what, is there some sort of disadvantage you get from it moving? -_______-

I think that if you’re holding the stick in such a manner that this is a problem, then you’re holding the stick wrong.


It’s probably the plastic shaft cover that’s giving you that feeling. Otherwise, if the ball is actually spinning relative to the steel shaft, then it hasn’t been torqued down properly.

If the shaft cover is on right it won’t really get loose either. I had that problem and it was annoying (where the shaft cover just freely spins), but after I tightened the ball top it made it so the cover only spins as much as the shaft itself.

And to the OP, it’s not the spinning that makes going from pad to joystick difficult. It’s hardly even a factor (i’m not say it isn’t a factor, but not a big one). It’s the fact that you’re going from using your thumb to hit directions to using your wrist and arm… It’s completely different motions. I hope you were just using hyperbole because I can’t believe you would honestly think that this tiny issue is why people struggle to make the switch.

I wouldn’t be surprised if another thread popped up with someone complaining about the how an IL stick is not spinning easy enough.

That may be the problem.

I’ll have to see once I get another stick to compare it with (I’m still using an ex2 :lame:)

Another thing I was wondering, why not add some sort of gripping material to them so that there is some kind of tactile feel to them.

I mean, that’s one of the first things you would think of when designing something that requires so much use of your hands right?

I guess this is a non-issue, probably doesn’t affect most people enough to even think about it.

A large majority of stick users don’t actually have a tight hold on the ball top. They rest their hand around it and flick, or rest their hand around it and roll it around their hand. A grippy surface would be a disadvantage (especially if you’re rolling it).