Why Does The PS2 Version of MvsC2 Suck?

I know it is the worse version avilable, but I would like to know all the exact reasons why, because the PS2 fanboys annoy me…

Aren’t you the one who made a ton of stupid-ass posts defending the DC version of Alpha 3? I don’t think you have any right to talk shit about alternate versions of other games :|.

Asides from the horrible load time it seems to have(seems longer than every other version) It also carries a chance of freezing during the load screens. Alot of sounds are either nerfed(Spiral and Son-Son for instance) or delayed(Cable’s AHVB for example.) Some things that normally work don’t seem to work on this version, certain OTG combos, throw combos, etc. Those are the ones I seem to notice. I can’t do anything about that until my stupid DC convertors come in the mail. =P

Now wait a minute. It’s not that bad. It’s just as good as the DC or Arcade, IMO. More advanced gamers in the game will probably disagree with me though. I’m not a MVC2 expert, so I can’t really say much against it.

And the PS2 fanboys annoy you? Why exactly?
We “fanboys” annoy you because we happen to prefer the Playstation 2 over Gamecube or XBox. If you’re talking about the Dreamcast, well, it’s not that we don’t want one, it’s just that it’s not easy to FIND one. If it were, I would have one at this very moment.

www.ebay.com :tup:

nuff said.

…I know…it’s the fact that my parents won’t let me order off there…if they did I’d have a Dreamcast and a toploading NES by now.

Gameplay Lags, Stages Lag, Sound is Horrible, Blue Fuckig Disk, Lot’s of glithces where removed. :lame: :lame: :lame:

Man, I got my DC (well, my 2nd one) from a local games store that sells used consoles…I thought most people had a place like that near them. Sucks if you really have no way of getting hold of a one though.

Yeah, there are a few places, but they’re about an hour away. One in Tulsa and one in Oklahoma City. I very rarely go to either, and when I do, I don’t have any money, or like $20 or something. Not enough to buy one.

i got self boot MVC2 for DC. my friends like the ps2 version cause its on ps2 thier only system and they don’t care about the differences between the DC and ps2.

Check out the Shoryuken trading forums, I have a few for trade if you have anything good :wink: And PS2 fanboys annoy because… they exist.

Really? I have literally 10+ copies laying on my desk…though that’s not to say if the majority is actually legit or have the original music on them.

you should already know the answer to your own question. If not, then ill give you the answer since your still clueless on why the PS2 MVC2 sucks and because PS2 fanyboys annoy you too. Its capcom’s lazy ass fault for they cant even do a simple job. You should already know this by playing SFA3 and SF3rdStrike for the DreamCast. If PS2 can get an arcade perfect 3rdstrike, then PS2 can definitely get a arcade perfect MVC2 port. Its the same with xbox MVC2 too so dont blame the consoles for these screw up games.

^-- That’s a little unfair to the programmers…
The port to DreamCast should have been cake, since the DreamCast and Naomi hardware are twins. The port to XBox should have been mostly cake, since there was a migration path there (and Microsoft’s involvement with the DC project). The port to PlayStation should have been frustrating and required more effort.
Just at face value, you would expect Arcade > DC > XBox > PlayStation, and that’s about how it is.

People above have already mentioned some of the problems, and it’s covered on SRK elsewhere. Close thread. :smile:

One thing I know is wrong is the alpha counters don’t have as much invincibility or any invincibility - alpha counter AHVB with Cable doesn’t work in the PS2 version. Very big change. The speed is also off from the DC and arcade versions. As for certain combos not working, I’m not a MVC2 player, so I wouldn’t really know.

This made me chuckle. It’s not too often that you hear people complain when glitches are removed.

:lame: :encore: :lame:

Number one reason for me is the sound. Horrible. Then the lags on it. Not only that I have pad players that always want me to play them on the PS2 cuz they can config. their pad for a one button dash to help them do rom inf. Ghey.

I’ve been training on my ps2 instead of my DC… should I train on my DC instead? I got a ps2 stick but a ps2->DC controller converter.