Why does this combo sometimes fail?

In or near the corner: SA2 xx SJ. Axe Kick, Hayate, Hayate (or C. HK).

Sometimes the combo message will appear right after the first Hayate, meaning you can’t continue to combo. The game has ended the juggle. But other times, it will not appear, so you can finish the combo with the second Hayate.

What gives?


A charged Hayate does 5 juggle points while an uncharged Hayate does 3 juggle points. Don’t hold the button so long.

Thank you! So any amount of charge on the Hayate makes it 5 juggle points?

That’s an awesome link. I didn’t know such information was out there. I’m guessing nobody has translated that page yet? C’mon, where are the Japanese speaking members at? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey. I totally forgot about that site.

By the way, is it a 6 point juggle system like we always suspected?

6 points + time limit for extending the combo. If you can hit the guy quick enough after the 6th juggle point is used up, it’ll still connect. Rule of thumb is that you can keep hitting the opponent on the way up.

Example: SA2 ®, sj cancel Tsurugi (1), Fukiage (5) xx sj Fierce (3).

The last hit of Abare resets the juggle count. The axe kick and the dragon punch add up to 6 juggle points, so normally you can’t do shit after. But if you can get the superjump Fierce to come out fast enough, it will combo. That’s why that combo can be hard to land.

BTW, all UOH’s are 1 juggle point and all normal jumping attacks for all characters are 3 juggle points. Also, you’re allowed to go over 6 points (not including time limit hits) if the juggle point total was 5 or less before that last attack. For the 100% stun combo, the two Fukiage’s total 10 points.

Another thing: on the page, you’ll notice “X” in some areas. These are juggle-enders. They make it impossible to continue the juggle (everything whiffs) unless the next hit comes within 2 FRAMES after the ender hit. It’s impossible to take advantage of this with Makoto, but it’s very important for certain characters named Oro.

Yeah, but that webpage is totally impossible to make out unless you can read Japanese. You guys are holding out!!!

Oh, cool, that’s good to know. Do you mind if I add this to my System Mechanics Thread?

Go right ahead, but be sure to site the link.