Why does vega seemingly have almost no priority?

topic: he has a ton of range but his moves get beat out so easily. almost anything anyone throws out seems to trade or cleanly beat his pokes out. can anyone explain?

Vega has higher priorities!

Just dont try to trade c.mp against a Sagat c.HP or something like.

Abuse the speed. You cannot beat clean somre normals, but you can abuse to speed to do that. Let me show some uses:

People use to say that Vegas bad Matchup isHibiki. Actually, Rolento or Hibiki are bad matchups for everyone, but no so bad for Vega.

Hibiki: Crouch in te right distance, wait for her aproach or normal hadouken movement + P (I dont know the name of that), just do c.mp, If she Walks to get in range, just do c.mp, if she rolls, dont worry, just guard, if you are in the right distance, she need to roll twice before get in range for anything except the hadouken movement.

Sagat (c.HP), Guile (c.mp), anyone (the rest is even more easy for you): Just wait for the right time, in the right range (the bigger, the best), and do that c.mp. Make them jump ou try a Sonic Boom, Hadouken, Tiger and get them in a jump in HP.

But remember that a good Vega is alwais moving around and confusing you opponent, but dont be crazy, remeber to guard.

Abusing speed with Vega…Is on of the key things about him…It’s intresting for me to see Vega corning someone in the corner…

Back Flip for life.

Sure, Back Flip Owns, and also put in some Setups for Red Impact or CC.

Dont do that Jump in, HK, Hk xx BackFlip (KKK) combo. Just do HK, HK.

It can make you dead in a sec if the Oponnent has meter, specially Rock and Sagat, or anyone as fast as light.