Why does Vegas only have evo?

I live in las Vegas and I canT find one tournment in Vegas. Try play n trade and gamestop but no luck. If anyone knows if we have tourny in Vegas. u have to let me know plz!!! I’m trying to make my own tourny call Battle in the Sin City. But I can’t find any Vegas players if u play send me a invt on xbl. Also tell me what u think about my tourny name. I open if u got a better one would like to hear it. Thanks

fuckin sick tourney name bro, altho it might be even better if you added 2 extra x’s like so


wut do u think?

Are you 10 years old, or are you just fucking retarded?

Lol I’m 24 bro. Y does it matter how old I am

just a little fyi, but when you say “But I can’t find any Vegas players if u play send me a invt on xbl.” you should post your actual xbl name since XxA3quit4sxX does not work. I’m going to guess it is A3quit4s since somehow, that was the handle that works on xbl. And I guess you found the Vegas thread.

Wut u tink of deez?

XxA3quit4sxX: Full Throttle!
Vin Diesel

Vegas is a 24hr town for players and gamers, it just goes together.

I used to live in vegas and had a hard time getting vegas players to show up to tournaments. but if you talk to the owner of this play N trade maybe he will set some up for you. I used to enter tournaments there and won 2. But there were only kids and like 2 real actual good players. If you can help them advertise and advertise on here Im sure people will show up.

9530 South Eastern Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89123

the owner is dope at the Play N’ Trade

Vegas is not just 100 percent a gaming destination, but also a resort destination for food and beverage, entertainment, you name it.

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