Why does Vega's ultra miss sometimes?

Can you do it from anywhere on the screen? Or do you need to be away from your opponent? I remember doing it few times and it misses.

Because it sucks.

It travels a predetermined path and the path is useful in only a few situations. If they are too close you’ll go over them. the spacing has to be right on.

Damn, that does suck.

Also he doesn’t get invulnerability frams until he reaches the wall… he is the only member in the entire cast to not get his invulnerability right as the move is activated.

Ever been SRK’d out of ultra? that shit will make you cry too.

Never played as Akuma,huh?

or dhalsim
or gief

The BHC also doesn’t hit all the way across the screen. Characters at the far wall will be missed.

sometimes when ur opponent is the mid screen , on wake, just do a bhc on the opposite wall, sometimes u can catch them that way when they try to dragon punch or jump in on wake up.

overall it does suck, a good timed dragon punch move can knock you out of it too not to mention it is hard to land to begin with it.

As Graphf said…

It travels a predetermined path so if the opponent its in the way… it will get hit.

Main ways to use it…

Against happy projectile throwers, against happy jumpers (you need to time it),or after a successful FA…

Yeah the move does have its weaknesses (all of which have been mentioned I would completely agree with) but it does have one of the best punishable connects, if used in the right situation.

Compared to a lot of other characters that may hit their ultra’s from those non standing eat every hit ‘perfect’ situations, the BHC will still hit for all it has, as long as you get the initial connect. Boxer, chun, cammy, ken and a lot of the stringed move ultra’s will not catch the full move from certain places.

Agree, that I would prefer an Ultra like that with a better advantages invincible period, but at least it is something and a viable tactic to have a move available in certain circumstances. And being able to choose the wall to launch from can be helpful at times (although ofc going across screen means you will eat a AA or something from anyone non scrubby unless you are timing it right).

One final thing to remember, hitting someone with Ryu’s Ultra after a float hit is B&B - hittting someone with a BHC, from a sweet counter position, has satisfaction and gloat factor to the guy at the other end of the internet :smokin:

or for punishing dashes.


You guys should try using the Ultra after you tech a throw. All the time people are doing SOMETHING after throws get teched… Dashing is one of them, and its very common for people to backdash to reposition after a throw tech

I sometimes do it after a blocked RCF… but for this to be successful you need to condition your opponent to do something after a blocked RCF.

wouldent them doing sumthing after rcf be a bad thing?..wouldent you eat alot of DPs during the startup of your ultra? after all it is incredibly slow

Are you dense? You can grab Dhalsim right out of his ultra…

It still has 1 frame of invincibility, and thus, the fireball does still come out.
As does Gief and Akuma’s. They’re not invincible the ENTIRE way, but still have some startup invincibility. Stop being stupid and insulting people without a proper claim.

oooh, I got schooled. No other comment.

it doesn’t matter about Geif and Akuma and Sim… All I was talking about was the invulernability frames of which Vega has none.

Case and point.

I died a little inside after the first c.mp XX hp RCF…

Some context for this video please??