Why doesn't anyone ever play Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers?

Because of this, I don’t even know much about this game. Are the tiers broken? Why do people prefer playing Champion Edition over this game? I know Super Turbo makes SSF2 kinda obsolete, but hey.

I like it more than any other iteration of SF2 (Save ST) just because it’s the one I played most when I was little.

Tooooo slooooow…

SSF2 in it’s original arcade form sucks. The gameplay was significantly slowed down from HF, and it felt far less refined. With ST available now, SSF2 really has no place anymore.

but doesn’t it have the same general speed as CE? and lots of people still play CE. hell, I still play a lot of CE. even I don’t know why I play CE over SSF2.

CE was HUGELY successful in its time, one of the more popular arcade games of its era. SSF2… not so much, definitely the least popular SF2 game at the time it was released (as I remember it). My personal recollection of that time in the arcades is that people were playing MKII like crazy – and even a bit of Samurai Shodown – while the new SSF2 cabs were more or less collecting dust. Also, a lot of people just stuck to the old CE/HF cabs that got shuffled to the back of the floor 'cause that was the game they were familiar with. Therefore you have the nostalgia factor to deal with.

Also, HF obviously came in-between CE and SSF2, which (in terms of speed) made SSF2 feel like more of a downgrade than anything, hence Capcom rushing ST to the market, which Capcom themselves claimed was the game that SSF2 was supposed to be had they not been rushed.

So in general, SSF2 was a basically work-in-progress that was rushed to the scene only to be made obsolete several months later with the introduction of ST. Personally, I would play CE over SSF2, and I would definitely play HF over SSF2, no doubt about it.

I play this game when my SNES is working

it’s honestly my #1 Street Fighter ever and I’m not kidding
I didnt know this version was unpopular:confused:

CE is my favorite. Super turbo is cool, and I can see why it’s tourney standard. I just like the feel of CE more though, but if givin the choice Id play ST over CE. Just cuz more people play it seriosly

so, is it basically nostalgia that stops this game from not being as popular as the others?

Well, that’s just my personal opinion. I think it would be pretty hard to argue that SSF2 was at any point in time a more popular game than CE, but it’s not as though CE is a perfectly balanced wunderkind of a fighting game that stands the test of time.

Based on what I’ve read, CE may have actually been the most popular and profitable of the earliest SF2 games. Now I can’t say that I’m 100% certain, but my own experience at the time kinda supports this. Of course it’s all about ST nowadays because we’re so far removed from the original scene and people just want to play the best version available. But in terms of sheer popularity (which evolves into nostalgia at some point), CE was definitely near the top of the SF2 heap.

On a slightly unrelated note, SSF2/SNES was the first videogame I ever preordered. Lots of great memories with that cart. :slight_smile:

IMO, ssf2 is the most polished SF ever. but its plagued by a massive problem, speed, as its been stated numerous times. it was a step backwards in the series, gameplay wise, because of the speed issue.

another problem was gief’s glitchdriver/magic throw glitch. basically, for the uninitiated, gief could 360+k anywhere on screen if it was done as a reversal. example, ryu throws fb full screen at gief. gief blocks fb and does 360+k as a reversal, and stil lgrabs, from full screen. gief could also take the hit and still get the grab. as long as it counted as reversal, he grabbed. probably one of the most fatal glitches i ever seen.

they did release another version about a week or 2 later that fixed that problem, however.

if they sped the game up to HF speed and with glitchdriver gone, the game would have been the most polished of the series. the balance was really solid as usual. and was less homogenous than ST.

just a shame that speed killed the game completely. that and also mk2 stole a lot of its thunder… =/

wasnt T.hawk top tier in new challengers? I remember hearing he was really good in that game, also he could 360 throw you if he hit you with his uppercut move.

Edit-or maybe it was if you block his uppercut move, dont remember.

God! someone youtube that glitch would love to see it.

Sounds insane!

Yeah everyones said it, speed was the issue and ironically speed seems to be the issue with latest street fighter.

It seemed unfinished to me when I played Super in the Arcade. While I liked the new characters and graphics the music and sound turned me off. Especially the announcer, Ken and Guile.

When Super Turbo came out it was so much fun I could look past that though and really enjoyed all the new character moves and strategies. Since more people helped alot too.

Asking why people don’t play SSF2 is like asking why people don’t play Alpha 1. It doesn’t have its own identity, and it is essentially an incomplete version of the next game in line. There’s no real reason to choose it over ST unless you have a terrible hatred of super meters.

SSF2 not being popular could be summed up with two statements:
Too Slow
Should have named it “Street Fighter 3.”

I think not naming it “Street Fighter 2” even if it was pretty much the same game, would have caught people’s attention and stolen some of the thunder back from MK2.

wow, that’s insane. :rofl:

that glitch is in one of the nki vids

I grew up with World Warrior so…

These I figure it’s because ST and SSF2 are too similar. People justt want to play the upgraded game.

People still play HF and CE because they are significantly different from ST. Probably as different as A2 and A3.

Too slow, and you can play as all the characters in Turbo anyway.

That glitch is in Super Turbo aswell if you pick O.Zang. Player called Cem on kaillera does it all the time, freaking annoying. heres the video >_<