Why doesn't capcom support it's own tourney scene?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but when Namco announced their EVO contributions it made me have to ask. I can understand back in the day when tournaments were an afterthought, but nowadays with streams and sponsors I don’t understand why capcom isn’t backing the FGC (or backing it more I guess I should say?)

The only reason I can think of, is because events aren’t exclusively capcom games, so they don’t want to pay to fund other games being played. Thoughts?

cause its not capcoms scene.

its a fighting game scene

Troll thread?

To answer the question: Evo is largely considered a Capcom PR event. It hosts predominantly Capcom games, promotes Capcom materials, etc and etc. Capcom has also been hosting fight clubs to promote their latest fighters.

Uhh… EVO was the first to get Alpha Anthology… EVO was the first to get SF4… yeah, shut up.

Capcom’s been saying “whasssup” to EVO for quite a few years now. Have you ever been to an Evo?

When he says “support it’s own tourney scene” he’s referring to cash prizes and stuff like that. I hadn’t heard of capcom ever donating prize money at all. I hadn’t really been on the lookout for such information either but it seems like the most they do is give exclusive looks at games. I don’t think it’d be much for them to add 5 grand to the prize pot or something like that. Especially with how capcom games dominate EVO.

If Capcom’s sponsoring Evo it’s fairly obvious that the sponsorship money is going towards the pot.


No it’s not actually. Generally when money is donated to the pot by a particular company it’s stated that money is donated to the pot.

actually, battle of Destiny 2008 in London had it before EVO.

Did not know that… My bads.

Thank you king for getting the point. I’m not talking about promotions and exclusive looks. That’s capcom supporting it self selling games to us, which is fine we all enjoy it. I’m talking cash money. I’m talking resources. I’m talking advertisement for tournaments and maybe even capcom sanctioned tournaments.

I’m aware that its not capcoms scene, but. There is no reason for capcom as rich as they are not to help their fans trying to play on a competetive level. Its actually better for them because the bigger tournies get, the more entrants come, and the more people get hooked on competetive 2d fighting games. The more money capcom makes consistently. Game for game. Not a troll thread.

Fairly certain there were a few Capcom run/sanctioned tournaments for SSF2T and Alpha 3 back in the day, but those are some hazy memories.

EVO is still largely seen as a Capcom event. I believe one of the reason’s Namco is doing what they’re doing is to draw attention to the fact that “hey, we’re at EVO too.”

even the recent SF4 gamestop tourney…

Capcom is only supporting itself directly, unlike other companies who support themselves through supporting the scene (Namco, Netherealms and soon Atlus).

Capcom is only out to milk fg’s and the scene for what it’s worth, then it’s adios. OP is right, for the amount of benefits the scene gives Capcom, Capcom doesn’t give hardly enough to the scene. Obviously, it doesn’t need to, since people will lap up whatever muddy water Capcom puts out (SFxT anybody?) like wild dogs with a speech bank that can only form the phrase “We love you Capcom!”.

People are duped so easily by Capcom but are so harsh on other companies. People play games like SFIV and MVC3 despite the MANY things they hate about it, yet when it comes to other games, people will find a single trivial reason to not play them. It’s friggin’ stupid. Capcom has over 90% of the FG community on a leash and people are either oblivious or worse, completely fine with it.

Previously i would have agreed with you on all that . But seing 3s online edition and all the fanservice they put into it i have well and truly changed my mind .

Capcom games aren’t struggling as much as Namco games in the scene, that’s why.

For every one thing wrong with SFIV and MvC3, there are 10 things wrong in other company games.

MvC3 was there last year for all in attendance to try out (months prior to its release). SFxT/3sO might be there this year for people to try out too.

S-Kill (aka Seth Killian, Capcom’s Community Manager) was in attendance for many EVO’s and Ono-san was in attendance last year to show an appreciation for the community.

The big Gamestop SF4 tournament where Justin Wong, Poongko, Daigo, and Iyo participated in was also part of Capcom’s work. Not sure how much Capcom paid to get Poongko, Daigo, and Iyo to fly over from their respective countries.



Capcom has showed its presence in previous events too including one where CVS2 was introduced and allowing CVS2 to be location tested in parts of America. There’s also Capcom Unity events like Captivate.

Prior to MVC3’s launch, Capcom also ran “Fight Club.” Players there were given yet another chance to give MVC3 a try and give input to Capcom representatives about the game.

Capcom does a lot of communication between themselves and the fighting game community. Probably more then most game developers out there. They listened to the community and used GGPO for Third Strike: Online.

Anyone know if Capcom does some stuff for events like SBO? Only thing I can recently recall was the unveiling of AE at least year’s SBO.

Edit: Even after all of this participation and community interaction by Capcom, you guys feel it’s not enough? To justify that, Capcom should put some money in to the cash pot for some major tournaments? So you guys feel that it’s all about money? :wtf:

Maybe a tournament organizer or two can chime in on why they haven’t asked Capcom for some additional cash for tournament prizes.

I personally don’t think cash from Capcom is needed. However another big tournament by Capcom like the one with Wong/Poongko/Daigo/Iyo would be nice but that’s what majors are for. :slight_smile:

I had forgotten about that SF4 Championship good shit. But again this isn’t about capcom showing games or its presence. We still have to pay for all these games, and It’s not and will never be a problem. But YES, capcom should be helping fatten the pots. Fight clubs were cool, and given the chance I would have gone to one, but that’s not support per say. Actually that’s more like advertisement.

EDIT: Let me be clear on my reasoning.

Money = Exposure and People = Good for us, and more money for Capcom!

Putting more money in a pot is advertisement. It gets more people to practicing your game to sign up for that tournament, “look at how many people are playing our game seriously”, and maybe more stream time because of the sheer number of matches. You’re making a ridiculous distinction.

If Namco games were getting iron man numbers like Capcom, then they wouldn’t be putting money in.

You know what. You could say Capcom supports the scene more than any other company. They’re the ones actually making the games that attract people. Which in turn bolsters venue revenue. All you shitty games players better be licking Capcoms boots, otherwise you’d be playing your awful games in a cave instead of the gorgeous hotels you’re now accustomed to.