Why Doesn't MS and Rare put KI1 and KI2 on XBOX Live Arcade

I mean seriously I know tons of people that would download it, It has to be one of Rares most Popurlar games. If they don’t they should at least Put KI1 arcade port on KI3 for 360 (If it actually happenes) since they never got to release a good port of KI1(SNES port sucks ass).

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KI1 is broke, and doesn’t deserve resurrection


Why the hell are you asking SRK? Do you think SRK is the answer to everything? Why don’t you go complain to MS or Rare? It’s as bad as putting a “MY GF just dumped me, what do I do?” thread in GD and expecting answers other than “HEY PUSSY, CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER” for an answer.



Callmeanewb - Great fucking response

Didn’t they just start the Xbox Live Arcade thing? Give it some time for chrissakes.

EDIT Oh yeah and KI sucks.

I thought nintendo held the publishing rights to this game?

me too lol

Umm this is a discussion forum… KI was a good game.

Why flame this guy? Chill the fuck out all of you.

Wasnt the original code lost?? And could KI even be emulated for network play?

The console versions were published by Nintendo, whereas the arcade versions were done by Midway. So if there were any versions of KI put over XBL:A it would more than likely be the arcade versions. Evenso, I don’t think Nintendo would have a problem with the console versions of KI on XBL, given that M$ now owns Rare but are allowing them to still develope games for GBA etc.

KI did not suck

I actually liked the KI games at one time.

But seriously, on the real…no need to flame this guy. :rofl:

I too liked the KI series, even though KI2 was the most disapointing sequel to a great game I have ever played. I probably wouldn’t complain if they had actually left Cinder in the game and instead of replacing, added characters to it.

Also MS does hold the right to KI I believe, but since it is a 2D series it would take a lot of effort and work into making it 3D. It usually takes Rare a generation or two to put games after the last few N64 games. Also I think more than a few of the original staff might not be with Rare anymore.

When the first KI came out it use to get a lot of play in my local arcade. It is easy to look back now and say it sucks and is broken but I have to give some props to the game because it brang some life back to my arcade.

Would the game work on XBLA? I don’t think so to tell the truth. Unless they fixed some of the shit the broke the game it would turn into a game which would be exploited by people who want to move up in the ranks.

The funny thing I have read on some forum is how people say Hyper Fighting will suck on XBLA because it is not balanced. :rofl: What the fuck are these people smoking? The game is really balanced from what I have seen.

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Look the reason I posted this here was because as Fighternig game Fans I thought the Idea would interest most of you( Well most of you that are mature enough not to flame me like some internet tough guy punk like 75 percent of this board)

To everyone that was interested maybe we could get a petition going and send it to MS and Rare to should that there is still interest in there game. (as if that ever works)

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