Why doesn't PSN have any of the SNK greats?

Garou, SamSho2, KoF 98, 2002. Hell I want NGBC. Does MS have an exclusive deal or what?

Revenge for AH3.

Between Neo Geo Station only on PS3(and not frequently updated last time I checked), SNKP releasing KOF and Samsho Anthologies for the Wii:shake: as well as supporting Virtual Console ports…and the handful of titles for the XBox…who knows what SNK is thinking sometimes…

They did say there’d be over 100 Neo Geo Station titles eventually, but there was a *long *span between the initial 10 games and KOF '95, maybe lack of interest?

Yeah I want SS anthology too and I check and it’s only for PSP wtf

I haven’t messed with the PSP versions of the Anthos, but I’m guessing they released the Wii/PS2 versions and didn’t do PS3/360 versions because PS2 never had fighters online(or at least none that I can think of in North America) and nobody would care to play them on the Wii that much…
PS3/360 versions would have been awesome, but releasing them with no online compatibility would have been kinda pointless, given the current online climate…and probably would have been fairly costly to implement for SNK.

I was about to concur with the thread, then I realized that we do have Metal Slug 2.

Lack of interest imo and maybe the psn platform is not accessible for them.

I bought KOF 96 just for the nostalgia factor and i regret it because of the horrible controls.

Even if we have Metal Slug 2 there, Metal Slug 3 is the best in the series imo and we don’t have that game for PSN -_-

I know it’s the PSX port, but doesn’t KOF99 has online support? I thought PSN had a number of SNK games that were online multiplayer.

No, sadly it doesn’t. KOF’99 was released as a PS One Classic and therefore has no online multiplayer support at all.

Only the games that were released under the “Neo Geo Station” label have online play (KOF '94, '95 and '96 are examples). They may release '99 and other games in the series thru Neo Geo Station sometime though (last I checked, they stopped on KOF '96).

Because if they released those first, why the fuck would you buy the crappy ones?

Those will come, be patient, they’re still focusing on XIII.

Taking too goddamn long if you ask me. They should at least be up to Fatal Fury 3 and Metal Slug X by now. Still tinkering around with the super early Neo Geo games

I just want more shmups :frowning:

this. like i wish CAVE would put there games out on psn

Because players do not want them. Fatal Fury Special is the one top game, and SNK fans themselves disregard it. As players disregard the company’s best product, I do not see why they should care themselves. It is the same unfortunate situation of HF and Capcom, even though “best game” would generate debate by now.

Don’t count on it. CAVE likes being hipster by being niche and not making a lot of money. :sad:

sees Deathsmiles


360 only


Maybe because they are already on PS2? KOF has collections, AOF, Metal Slug, SamSho, World Heroes do as well.

Don’t remind me of snk games. Its bad enough I only have a wii, bought the KOF collection, and found out they were too lazy to attempt online modes.

The only reason I still have’nt returned it is because its A) Hard to find in retail, and B) I love the series WAY too much.

I would love it if they would re-release the anthology collections from the PS2 on PSN.
Also, where the hell is my SSOOOUL CALIBUURR!! :smiley: