Why doesnt srk have more fighting game specific sections?

i was thiking today, the only real reason i dont play guilty gear slash is that srk doesnt have a strat section for it.
i dont wanna go through the hassle of signing up for another forum/browsing another layout to get the info.
im sure theres more lazy people that feel the same.
how much more money/time would it take to have sections for all fighting games in the forums?
i mean we do have wiki’s for like the randomest fighting games (most of which have nothing there).
i figure the wikis would be more filled if there was a forum section so people would be able to discuss strats and stuff in an organized fashion, not some bootleg “all pocket fighter info HERE” threads, or whatever.

Because it’s better, and a whole lot easier, to have a thread that will fall the fuck off and get deleted than to code a whole other section to the board that people will ignore then go ask stupid questions about in a noob post here on FGD.

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I was just thinking about this today. It’s sort of a chicken/egg thing- can discussion for a game get popular before there is something that encourages discourse? However, with the recent release of Alpha anthology it might be possible to bolster that scene quite a bit by giving it its own forum, and it does look like Guilty Gear is the future of the 2d scene so why not embrace it?

The A3 scene is pretty dead as far as tourneys go so I can understand it not having its own forum, but considering that GGXXS is at evo this year, I think it’s very relevent to the SRK community.

BTW, I’ve been lurking since 03, but it’s true that I haven’t been participating so I won’t take offense if anyone disagrees.

The problem really is, if these games already have dedicated sites(Tekken Zaibatsu, Dust Loop, (insert VF site here), etc), then why should SRK have an area for it?

Mind you, this is not my view, this is the views of most of the admin from prior experience. On top of that, the area needs to be kept alive, or else it’ll set a precedent later, kinda how SFAA took weeks before Wiz and crew okayed the new area.

i think splintering the information hurts the FGC as a whole imo…

like i’ve been in the community for years and i dont really care enough about guilty gear to hunt for info, if it was here, then sure i’d take a look and learn a combo or two.

now think of some neophyte that is just getting into fighting games. “please visit these 3 websites with different accounts etc to get all your information.” its even worse for them, does any neophyte really wanna work hard to obtain info? information shouldnt be so hard to get.

but if they admins feel its completely uneeded then theres nothing we can do i guess. i just feel like there should be one uber-fighting game strategy site, the communities are small enough as is.

The real problem is some of the different parts of the community hate others, and the fact that there will always be closed-minded people that think their game is the say-all end-all to all fighting(3D MK players, I’m looking directly at YOU) means that any attempt at a universal site will end in failure.

Hmm yeah from what I’ve seen of all the gg slash threads, there just nothing but spam, reason? GG has a much smaller fanbase then say streetfighter or kof…like you said there is no gg info here and allot of people that post in these threads, are players from streetfigfhter or whatever that have just got into the game and know nothing of it so can’t really contribute anything other than worthless post’s.

There are alot of people here that do know the game well though and could contribute to these threads but…theres so reason too, I could make a page long post on whatever and 90% of the people here wouldn’t understand or ask questions regarding it…so it will get over looked and go to waste within a thread that has no structure.

If there were a section for gg that would change things, if there was organization instead of info scattered around a few pages then i think that srk could be a good outlet for gg info…I mean there are alot of gg players here at srk they just don’t contribute for the reasons I mentioned.

The other thing is that it’s no easy task to setup a sub forum for a game thats completely different from the usual here, like buktooth and tongboy bebop etc. would mod any new variation of a streetfighter that came along, cause they know there stuff and the admin know and trust them to be competent mods. But when it comes to gg it’s new to srk so the admins would have a hard time finding and appointing mods that would help to build up the forums…so I can understand why there wouldn’t be one.

On the other hand theres already a section for xx2 reload live, which no one even plays anymore which is a pretty dead forum and so that could be replaced with slash maybe?

As well at that gg has so little exposure if it were recognized at srk enough so that it had it’s own forum I think that would really help, advance and expand the gg community.

we really need an ST forum, but everything else is pretty decently taken care of elsewhere

yeah because segregation works wonders in solving that problem.

not actually sassing you or anything but rather, keeping communities segrated really is a passive “i don’t give a shit” approach that is actually kind of descructive, especially considering that Evolution is a host to certain games. i’m not saying get martin luther king jr on this shit but at least make the GG and Tekken communities accessable from SRK at least. putting links to Dustloop and Tekken Zaibatsu? somewhere easy to notice would really help, and adding forums for ST and removing the CFE boards would be nice too :]

No offense man, but that’s simply a lame excuse.

Guilty Gear


Street Fighter Alpha


SNK games




Virtua Fighter


Soul Calibur


Dead or Alive


Usually you’re only required to create an account if you want to post something. If all you want is to read info you don’t need an account (DustLoop is like that so, you go there and read all the info you need without creating an account).

I agree w/ the stuff Saotome Kaneda said and besides, if they created sections for those games, chances are people would simply copy and paste stuff from the sites mentioned above so, why bother?

wow. thanks for the link, sfgamer.

I will be checking out more than one of those sites, but I still strongly agree with tsumi and deus, having an organized GG forum would be just…a good idea.

You’re welcome.

Again, that’s what DustLoop is for. They have general a strategy section and character specific sections just like SRK does with their strategy zone.

I wouldn’t mind a GG Slash section on SRK.
Hell, with that around less members would be less worried about posting up the character topics due to fear from the nazi mods :lol:

Also, mods who actually delete spam and actual post that don’t contribute anything would be nice =)

I’m not sure if many people realize this, but we do have a strategy wiki guide, where you can read some information on many fighting games, and even add your own relevant information.


orly? I haven’t been in there in a while, and if you guys haven’t noticed, I’m practically a one man show here. Do I have to clean the thread up AGAIN?

none taken, but of course its a lame excuse. it was meant to be a lame excuse. but you have to take into account that its an excuse that could exist with not just myself but other people. if we want a more thriving FGC how do we expect new players to get into things if we make them jump through hoops.

if you want to attract people to something you cant just say “heres how it is, get used to it or dont.” im not really sure if im expressing what im trying to say well enough. would you rather jump through a hoop make things easier for more people to join in on what you like, or would you rather leave things harder to obtain is the question.

hrm i wish i could think of a good example for this situation. the best that i can come up with is absentee voter ballots. imagine you run a political party and you want people to vote with ease. but it turns out no one wants to go to the ballot so what do you do? you make an absentee voter form. the lazy voter gets to vote, you get more votes. everyone wins. this is how im seeing it. if we could unify the information, everyone wins, who loses besides whoevers stuck with the grunt work of making the new section.

For the win, and all that cal.