Why doesn't this Vergil combo work?

I’m trying out Vergil for the first time today. His mission 10 against Dormammu begins with:

  • Stinger, Rising Sun, Air Trick, Air M, Air H, Air S

Simple. So I decided to add Standing L, Standing M, Standing H at the beginning of the combo. The problem is that now Dormammu recovers before I can combo the Air M. What I don’t understand is WHY he recovers. The only air hits Dormammu took are from the Rising Sun, and as I understand ground hit stun deterioration is separate from air hit stun deterioration, so the standing L-M-H at the beginning of the combo shouldn’t affect Dormammu’s air recovery time. Did I miss something?

yes, your ground starter does affect hit stun deterioration. what you probably read is that air hits cause more hit stun deterioration than ground hits, say a combo that works starting with a jab on a grounded opponent can drop if you start it from the same jab but if the opponent is on the air, it’s actually important to practice what combos work out of anti-airs because of this.


Actually, no. I read that ground HSD is more severe than air HSD. At least that’s what is says on the Shoryken wiki. It also says:

“There are actually two separate Hit Stun Deterioration values: one for the ground, and one for the air. This is something I think is true because, after performing loops on the ground and then launching the opponent, I almost never have any problems with the Air Combo afterwards. If the loop on the ground causes so much HSD so strongly and so quickly and there was only one value, your Air Combo would fall apart almost just as easily… but that is never the case.”

I’ve been following this guide scrupulously. Did the author screw up?

you’re probably not timing the super jump early enough; you need to buffer it. also, the shoryken wiki is riddled with errors. the bradygames umvc3 guide (also known as the bible) is better.