Why doesn't Trio Linker support arcade sticks?

I just purchased a Trio Linker (not plus) adapter, and it’s not recognizing my Agetec Dreamcast arcade stick. After looking on their website, I found this out:

Q2.What is the difference between Trio linker Plus and Trio linker?
A)The main difference is that Trio Linker Plus can support DC Arcade stick, DC Twin stick and DC Steering wheel.

Can someone please tell me why this is? I don’t understand how an adapter can be selective about something like this. Is there any mod I can do to my stick so it’ll be recognized by the adapter? I’m very frustrated about this, and I’d appreciate any feedback. Thanks in advance.

Pretty sure it’s because the Agetec has an optical stick. It doesn’t work with a Dreamcast to USB converter either (PC Magic Box). You would probably have to swap the stick out in order for it to be recognized.

Nah, it’s not an optical stick…it clicks. The game controllers window in Control Panel doesn’t even recognize any button inputs, so it couldn’t just be an issue of the stick.

Guess I’ll just have to resort to using this piece of crap Asciiware PSX stick for playing on 2DF :frowning: