Why don't AI in fighting games ever do combos?

One main gripe I have in fighting games is that even on the hardest difficulty settings, the AI doesn’t do flashy combos on you. Even staple BnB combos are not done. Heck even a Street Fighter 2 combo like Ryu’s J. HK, S HP, Shoryuken can’t even be done. The only time the AI does a combo that lasts more than 3 hits is when they do a super or when they do a special move that’s multi hitting.

Why doesn’t the AI in USF4 do yolo swag 1 frame link/FADC combos. Why can’t the AI in Tekken Tag 2 do tag combos?

Would you like the AI in fighting games to be able to do combos?

They don’t practice enough.

Assuming you aren’t trolling it is likely they don’t just don’t spend the time programming them to actually teach them any combo’s beyond a basic 2-in-1. While not as true nowadays where more combo’s are precanned, when the game is made the developer might not be aware of ‘yolo swag’ combo’s especially if they require techniques not intended to be in the game. To be honest they could just do some macro recordings and do them that way, but people might find them doing 50% combo’s on you kinda unfair when they can reactively DP everything you do and if you ever commit to block go for a throw. In theory the AI is unbeatable because it literally can react to stuff the frame it happens. Every concept that allows high level play hinges on people not being able to react to certain stuff. When that goes out the window fighting games become much much more simplistic. The only reasons humans can beat it is because it is literally designed to be terrible at the game.

Well they do in MKX and KI

No not trolling. I’m just asking a simple question. Don’t need to be rude. Why can’t the programmers program the AI to do combos in combo challenge then?

They do in Skullgirls as well.

Some people may not remember when Double Bot from Skullgirls would combo pistol shot into bandwagon super on reaction and as whiff punish every time it got meter. The Ms. Fortune combos are pretty significant as well.

As always, the main reason they don’t do this is because scrubs would complain on how it isn’t fair. And honestly, if you’re just looking for a single player experience in a fighter, you probably aren’t the type to want to deal with combos or god forbid setups and oki on knockdown. It’s not that fun to play an AI that can react instantaneously to whatever you do and punish you for 40%. Guess what was the main casual complaint about Skullgirls from casual players a year after release: They couldn’t beat the AI.

If I remember right, the AI in Blazblue CS would combo you, especially when facing the “Unlimited” versions of certain characters. If you jumped at Unlimited Hazama you would get anti-aired for 35% of your health.

The AI was pretty stupid in SF2 for the SNES, especially because combos weren’t a thing when the game was being developed, I guess.

In SF2T the CPU learned some basic combos, Ryu even does a st.HP xx DP when you’re dizzy or something. The sad thing was that those combos were predefined, so the CPU kept attempting them even when they weren’t possible because you were blocking or on whiff

Apparently, AI for FG is not a easy or cheap thing to do, so the hardest difficulties always rely on reading your input and immediately reacting with something or worse, just stupid damage like ST.

BTW, in ST the CPU does a lot of combos, I stopped playing against it in the arcades when I first saw CPU Dee Jay reacting at the start of the round to Ryu’s fireball and doing j.HK > cr.LP > full MGU into dizzy and repeating the same combo for the victory, back in 94 or 95. Or try facing Akuma in ST… it’s on the same level of SNK-Boss-hard…

To this day, the AI in ST is one of the most difficulty and annoying things in videogames to me. Even on HDR it’s the same if you’re playing on ST mode, unless you play Arcade on HDR mode, then the difficulty is really tonned down.

So any of you hoping that the AI will do combos on you on the HARDEST difficulty in SF5/Tekken 7 and future fighting games? No need yolo swag advanced ones but at least intermediate BnB combos.

Never tried KI/Skullgirls, dislike Mortal Kombat. Will probably buy Skullgirls on steam! Thanks! Thanks for all the input.

I think most people here doesn’t really care about the CPU in FGs

Yeah I don’t know why you even care.
If it was up to me I’d program an AI that only walks back/forward, dashes, jumps and randomly blocks, so it at least is decent for getting a feeling for the range of your shit and hit-confirming.
AI’s that fight back are a waste of time to me.

Fighters have a single player mode?

burst limit’s AI is the most advanced beside kof13 I think for 7th gen. Those games are heeeeell

just play vs mugen characters that are x-tiers, and watch them kill you in one combo.

from personal experience, ai is really hard

EDIT:hard to code i mean.

The Injustice AI did some sick combos.

Indeed. On hardest difficulty, The Flash pulled off 50% combos if it had its trait everytime it landed a hit pretty much. On the other hand, many characters on that difficulty would lose to you simply spamming cross up j.d.C with Doomsday, including The Flash.

Often casual players do not like to fight online but they do fight against the AI, it’s less “scary”, i think having an AI that does the same combos, hitconfirms, punishes, anti airs, some setups, pressure strings etc would be AMAZING for learning the game. Even a build in percentage of the AI dropping a combo for instance. An AI build to emulate the human players, for instance a limit to how fast an AI can react.

Doesn’t KI have this mode where the AI “learns” from the player?

Anyway as for the AI not doing combos, not enough interest to warrant the effort to make an AI that knows all that stuff. Atleast that was back then when SFIV released.

I always thought it would have been kind of cool to be able to fight “ghost” characters of top players. Like maybe they’d be DLC or something, but programmed with the tendencies and setups certain top players use. I think it would be a pretty valuable learning tool.

I would have loved AI that was more like a real player, especially growing up before there was online, since I was one of the only kids in my hometown that played SF beyond a casual level.

I just find Arcade Mode a good training ground before going online or having offline session with friends especially when learning new characters. Once I get my combos down in training mode, i’d like to hit up arcade mode to test it before going online or having an offline session with friends at my place.

So I don’t really understand the 5 LOLS on my post. Is the FGC really that toxic that we can’t even ask a legit question anymore?