Why don't I feel good when I win?

eventually your going to run into someone who thwarts your play style and when that happens it will most like motivate you to learn some new tools with your character. I understand how you feel about winning the meaningless way. a win is a win but if you don’t feel content on it set a goal for yourself to pursue in the match. are you trying win whole heartily or just take the win without learning anything from the match. Im currently in the process of trying to learn from losses and wins from watching replays and asking questions. maybe you should do the same to expand your horizons. there’s character forums on this website that will help you with the combo scheme and match up threads too so you wont play the same way against every character.

If you’re a competitively minded player I think its only natural to get bored and dissatisfied with just womping on lowly scrubs all day. It doesn’t help you improve.

@ Dagon

i would tell you that video games are your passion and not a hobby… but really all you have said is that you have a huge passion for your hobby. and it doesnt really matter if 7 out of 10 members here think that it is more than a game, because opinion and fact are 2 different things. fact wins.

I play to win whatever and wherever i am playing. you think that you have committed to the game in some way that i havent and thats not true. really the only difference between you and i is that i know the definition of ‘hobby’. you say its more than a game for you, and i can understand in the sense that a culture has formed around fighting game community.how much time you spend on each of your hobbies is your choice. let me help you out a little bit here.

lol and ty @ AmigoOne.


noun, plural -bies.

  1. an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation: “Her hobbies include stamp-collecting and woodcarving.”

Source -http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hobby

like i said… whether you know what a hobby is or not…playing this game IS a hobby. lol. your opinion only means so much outside of the fact that you have taken up a video game as a HOBBY.

when i said “do you make a living from playing in tourny’s?” thats was an exaggeration of the next statement “if tournys are A source of income” …not “if tournys are THE source of income”.

Why do people always love to throw in the dictionary into arguments? Don’t they know that those words meaning change depending on the writer and people make words mean what they want them to, that’s how new words and meanings to old words are added to the dictionary every year.

To be on topic it sounds to me like you need to find better players either locally or befriend those rare guys that you lose to that you feel are better than you.

A. Your bored with the game
B. You know your not getting better

Online is as good as it gets, if your not having fun try a different game, I do that all the time.

Changing some internet argument into semantics is just the lowest form of desperate tactics to win an internet argument. Only the truly crazed care enough to keep an internet argument going when you’re just debating semantics.

also lol @ “online is as good as it gets”

I hope I’m misinterpreting that

That’s silly. It was always about the meaning of a word, and anyway semantics isn’t pointless by nature. It can be really useful to know exactly what is meant by a word, when that difference has some bearing on your expectation of reality. The bigger flaw is trying to win.

Anyway, arguing about a meaning as if “playing fighting games” is in or out of some fixed membership test “hobby” is ridiculously asinine. That’s not what definitions are or how they work. There is zero connection to any kind of reality here. It’s downright bizarre.

Edit: oh yeah, the actual thread topic!

Dude, you’re not satisfied because you don’t believe that you’re accomplishing anything. You need to set a meaningful goal and then go after it. I strongly suggest doing a little digging into psychological research to improve how well you can do that.

The topic of this thread is all out of whack, and Dagon is hitting in on the head. Hobby/passiion/game/esport whatever, play for whatever gets you to pick that stick up and join the community.

there is no video game that makes you avoid those feeling you know. I am talking of course about competitive games where your actions define the outcome, not games where you watch a movie or marvel at the scenery, while they sooth your soul with amazing visuals and music.

In fact that frustration you feel is the motivating force that makes you keep playing in order to overcome it.It might be because you did not set a goal.
Do you want to play online and beat 3+ PP players constantly to feel satisfied? Judging from how you feel, probably not.
Do you want to raise your current level adapted to your personal abilities? this might be a goal to set that has nothing to do with winning or losing.
Do you feel there are other FG beside SF4 that you find better and want to devote more time? Then you can play those games instead and devote less time to SF4. Or do you feel that you prefer other genres beside FG and should devote more time to them? Or do something else beside VG? Then by all means do it. After you return you might have found a different and more positive approach to that specific game

when compared with other games the negative feelings on SF are actually much less. Eg try playing a pinball game. There you’ll see the meaning of frustration.Or games with awkward controls and constantly spamming enemies. Or a puzzle game.

Regarding me personally, in fact FG are the ones that give me the least reason to feel bad and anxious. Perhaps because I am not that good at them, besides knowing the basics.

My intention was never to start any sort of flame war here. The fact is that there are a lot of different people who have a lot of different opinions on the subject. If you want to call it a hobby, call it a hobby. Personally, I don’t tell people, “One of my hobbies is playing fighting games [lowercase].” If I were to say that, Joe Shmoe would think to himself, “Oh, he likes fighting games [lowercase] in the same way that I like riding my bike,” assuming that Joe rides his bike casually to pass time. I say to people, “I play competitive Fighting Games [uppercase].” It conveys a larger sense of seriousness. So yes, it is a hobby by the way that the dictionary defines the word. I don’t use that word when talking about it because of the way that most people interpret it. In my opinion, a hobby passes the time whereas a passion fills the time. I don’t hit up the lab because I have nothing else to do; I make time to play these games because it’s what I’d rather be doing than most things.

Again, not here to argue. We all care about the community and the games; that’s why we’re here. My intention was to give advice to the OP to figure out exactly how seriously he/she takes the game and to rationalize his/her feelings based on that. Negative terms for the game frustrate me, which is why I said anything in the first place; not enough people give it enough consideration and recognition, and it is my personal theory that terminology has a lot to do with it. Hopefully we can all just agree to disagree and go our separate ways =)

Hey, thanks all for your replies, I honestly forgot about this thread over the weekend and I’ve come back to find some great responses. My friend and I are going to go to casuals at a local sometime, it’ll be my first time playing this game with more than one person in a live environment, I hope it sparks something.

Also, something I’m realizing (now that I’m focusing more on what I enjoy while playing) is that I love the feeling of executing a combo that I’ve practiced. I spend a lot of time in training, and despite being able to execute well in training mode, it takes me a long time to be able to pull out one of those combos during a live match. Once I do it though, feels good man.

I also tried playing UMVC3 - I don’t think it’s for me, hahaha.

I’m glad to hear that, despite our bickering amongst ourselves, we were able to help you out! =D
I’m also glad to hear that what you enjoy/makes you happy is so easy to attain (no hate intended). It’s easy to practice, practice, practice, and then feel good when you hit your combo. It’s noticeably more difficult if your goal is, say, to win EVO and SBO in the same year :rofl:

you’ve turned into a whore who is no longer able to feel love

Hah. Well, goals are something else entirely. Not really sure what mine are, I guess mastery of a character? If I ever place well in a tourney, perhaps I’d have to rethink that. Hopefully I can find enjoyment in the steps along the way :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s because SF4 is a bullshit game filled with stupid abuseable things that make your feel dumber for even using them. I mean the game does half the shit for you if you press enough buttons/directions at the same time. Play Kof instead so you know what it feels like to be a man lol. Or Scrabble.

It’s official: this thread has devolved into blatant trolling.

whenever I don’t feel good about winning I look at porn or hentai or something to get my boner going and then after I win I just start whacking it so I can feel good

I guess playing Strip Fighter against you is not recommended

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