Why dont more people play ranked?


ranked is empty, but in my opinion it is by far the best setup of all the player options. I dont know what truskill is or how its calculated, but the way ranked is set up is just vastly superior IMO.

  1. you dont need a room full of good connections, you just find one opponent who has a good connection(in case you dont know ranked rooms size is maxed at 2 people)

  2. you dont have to worry about some idiot with a red bar coming in and messing the room up for everybody else, if a red bar enters and hits ready just find another room.

  3. you dont have to sit and watch for 5-20 minutes before playing, just enter the room and fight.

  4. when you do find someone good you can play eachother for as long as the 2 of you like without having to worry about playing 2-4 new players between matches.

I dont know, maybe its just me but ranked is set up the best of all the KOF online modes yet people play it the least, are people still afraid of the word ranked because of street fighter? What am I missing here, how come more people dont just stick to ranked matches?


All I see is Arcade, player, friend. What are you talking about and where is it?


Maybe ranked is not on the PS3 version?

But in xbox you cant miss it, theirs arcade, player, and ranked, its right on the menu after selecting online play.


Arcade IS ranked. (ps3 version)

People don’t play it because the online mode sucks ass.


ok, its different on xbox, xbox has arcade, which players accumulate battle points, and ranked where players accumulate truskill(dont really understand this yet).

We all know online sucks, but my point is people are still playing online, and if your going to play online ranked offers the most convenience nad is the most accessible of all the modes(on xbox at least)


The only time it sucks is when your connection is crappy or you are playing red…or the other guy starts doing shit like heavy downloading afterf the match starts. Or when some tard from…let’s say Mexico, just shows up during the match with his red connection, fucking everything up. Aside from that, the game moves slightly slower than the offline version…feels like 98 speed -1.

I’ve been playing ranked all this time. Huh. Blue connection.


In ranked this cant happen, since the room only fits 2 people noone can show up and mess the game up(which happens all the time in player and arcade).

Do you ps3 guys have anything similar to ranked on your system?

The major difference is that each room is maxed at 2 people, so you can just bounce from room to room playing matches, you dont have to wait and watch other people play for like 20 minutes, your next match loads up immediately allowing quick and easy rematches, and you dont have to worry about red bar idiots entering a room and screwing you up mid match.

its vastly superior to arcade in terms of accessibility but in xbl noone seems to be playing it.


I’m not aware of this mode…we can create our own rooms and limit player numbers, but I generally just do arcade online and look for a room with 1-2 people with yellow connections. The only play modes I see for arcade or player match is quick match, custom match, and create room. The other options are check ranking, profile, clan, and return.


You forgot to mention input lag sir; there is alot of it. I only play Arcade mode as well, and it’s WAY slower than offline mode not just a little. I always have my own room set up with 2 player limit and only play yellows and blues. (I’ve never seen a green which people claim exists)


yeah green exists, I saw a green bar connection and I was about to play it but the lochness monster just appeared in my pool so I decided to feed him instead, by the time I got back to KOF the green match was gone.


people are self-conscious in ranked mode, and don’t wanna lose ‘trueskill’ (lol) points because of the lag situation.

And yeah, its a XBL thing. Supposed to avoid things like point farming and crap.


you might be right, the number of ragequitters I meet in ranked is enormous, but the overall quality of the matches seems to be much better as a whole.