Why don't more Ryus use ultra 1 as an anti air?



I guess the title explains itself.

I’ve been having ridiculous amounts of success of punishing jump ins with an ultra 1, but I’ve never seen any other Ryus do it. (And there are a lot of them out there…)

Am I doing something wrong with using the ultra this way, because I am surely not the first to think of using it as an AA.


The people I play dont jump into me predictably for me even to DP them sometimes let alone buffer an ultra.
So I dont know what kind of people your playing.


Well…most my opponents are C+/B/B+. Obviously not the greatest players, but generally solid.

I also don’t really feel that inputting a DP is actually quicker than buffering an ultra, I mean I can ultra as an anti-air on reaction.


I think the best answer to your question is: to keep it simple. Most players grew using DPs or normals to counter jump-ins, so most of them feel more confortable using DPs intead of an ultra; bear in mind that the players we see in tournaments don’t jump so often, they’re generally focusing it all on the ground game, so it’s nice to have kind of a “second nature” on DPs to stop unpredictable jump-ins.


I think people don’t use Ultra 1 vs jump in because its not very reliable. But perhaps its something that Ryus could add in their bag of tricks. Ive seen Daigo uses it once against Mago because he had no ex bar and he mistimed it.


The risk vs reward is the biggest problem with using U1 as an AA. If you miss the Ultra, you’re left completely wide open for punishment considering the recovery time from Metsu-Hadouken is huge. Shoryuken and Normal AA’s are far better because although they may not produce as much damage they’re much safer to use. U1 also needs Meter to use, so it’s effectiveness at best will always remain situational. There’s a reason why it’s not used consistently as an AA at the higher/highest levels of play, because it’s simply too risky while also requiring a lot resources.


To many characters have a way to change their jump, like a dive kick. So when you AA, you need to know what they’re doing and react to it. Try using ultra 1 as AA vs. another Ryu. If he hasn’t committed to an attack yet, he’ll just mash tatsu and you’ll miss. And if he has committed, you’re to late to do ultra 1 and hit him. Use s.hk, c.hp, and dps to anti air. Or Ultra 2. See, Ultra 2 works better, because the space it covers will cover multiple options a character has. Say Yun jumps at you from midscreen. You ultra 2 to AA, and he does a late dive kick to screw up your AA timing. The dive kick will keep him in the air longer, so you won’t get the full animation you would have if he did a normal jump, but you still get him with the non animation part of the ultra. Like others have said. Other options are just safer.