Why don't people illumiate their plexies?


I’ve seen pretty amazing laser etched plexies on some sticks, but never have I seen anyone do anything with it. When I say do anything I mean illuminate it. Here’s an example:

Just etched plexiglass w/ an illumination bar up top.

Now look at what happens when you shine light down the edge:

It would take a bit of case design tweaking, but with all the custom builders out there, folks should be getting more out of their laser etched plexies. Here’s an instructables article which covers building a multi-color name sign:

The micro controller circuitry is not necessary, just look at the box design and basic LED setup.


Because in the end it’s just an arcade stick?

Dunno, guess that’s just me. I like artwork on sticks and everything, but to me, an arcade stick isn’t a car I try to supe up and leave garaged. I do intend to use it.

Not hating on the idea or anything. I like that Tron case someone made.


I’ve done this sort of edge lit engraving for pre-existing lightbox signs in the past. It does look extremely nice, but because I’ve zero experience using LED’s I’ve have never tried incorporating it into my sticks. There’s also always been the question of how much light and power is needed to light the whole plexi nicely as the further away from the light source the engraving is, the dimmer the light is.
It’s something I’ve been meaning to try for a long time, though.


u spoke too soon. purplearms has his thread on his setup



Like this:

or this?


I’m not being pedantic, but the top stick isn’t edge-lit, as impressive as it is. It looks back-lit to me. Great design, though.


Sorry, but this is just a silly post. Why do people who work in an office environment workout? They may never use that muscle, but there’s not a damn thing wrong with something looking good. As long as it doesn’t affect their ability to push a pen around or type at a computer, then it’s not a problem, only an aesthetic improvement.

Functionality beats aesthetics, but there’s no reason why the two can’t mix.


The HRAP EX that VMS did is with EL Sheet.


I dunno, but that lit up Chun stick looks like someone swabbed a blacklight over a cheap motel bedsheet. :S


Ah, nice catch! I perused that thread before but never notice the “Purple Arms” down in the corner. That is indeed illuminated etched plexi goodness :bgrin:

Fail (Br0ken_Engli5h already pointed this out).

Win! I missed that one!

I wanna see stuff like this illuminated:

Maybe I need to change the title of this thread to “Why don’t MORE people illumiate their plexies?!!!” :bgrin:



CUZ we POOR broke lol…dual modding a te isnt enough, thats another 40-50$ investing in lights and gimmicks on looks :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually did the Chun Li one. It took some work to get it done and there wasn’t enough LEDs. In the end I think it the work making a clean housing and having it be flush with the control panel that turns off a lot of people. Since I was working with the TE 5v I was concerned with if voltage drop would do anything to the operation of the stick.




I think the best way to get a nice, even lighting would be to use LED tape, probably. It uses a 12v DC supply, though, and the extra cost and the thought of another, external power supply always put me off.
Kudos for trying it, though.


Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice and everything, but I don’t like all of this led stuff. It does look pretty, but it’s got to distract the hell out of you if you’re playing in the dark and putting up with flashes of colour, and a neon glow in your peripheral vision.


yeah, there are a lot of back lit sticks but it would be cool to see an edge lit plexi that achieves something like this


Oh man, those are sexy…



epic win


Lighting up sticks undamned can be impressive (see the tron stick - it’s awesome) but can be expensive and time consuming. As Broken English said funtionality beats aetsthetics. Personally i like doing a bit of led work for buttons, looks nice in low light gaming sessions, gives class and can be done quite easily.
Considering cost (already mentioned above) and free time (very important at least for me), it’s prohibitve to dabble in more extreme lighting adventures.
Furthermore although it may not be an issue for you guys in States, UK etc, here in Greece it’s not so easy to find the necessary parts.
To give credit to your post though I’ve been wanting to dabble with a difuser plastic based case for some time now. If I ever really get to it, I’ll post some pics…