Why don't people play HDR anymore?

I noticed there was a side tourney for ST at evo but not for HDR?

why not?!

Unfortunately, ever since Evo dropped HDR (SF2 in general) it was dropped by nearly every other tourney as well. That coupled with an odd resurgence of “Arcade ST or nothing lol” has pretty much done in HDR except for online.

ST community is playing their game and shunned HDR. There was a side HDR tourney at EVO I seen it, maybe run by Focus Attack.

ST was too old, the people who played it too set in their ways, so any change at all was going to drive the veterans mental.

Either way, at the end of the day, now that we have the knowledge that the veterans can still control the thoughts of the community at large, developers can do their best to work around it, hence Third Strike not getting a rebalance.

Most likely because HDR isn’t that good. It’s not even in the top three versions of SF II for me.

Hyper Fighting, Super Turbo and Champion Edition are all better than it.

It’s not the best version of SF2, quite honestly. XBL players have the nice HF game, but PSN hasn’t anything. We were promised Super Turbo, but what we got was the Dreamcast version + a shitty rebalance.

ST players want to play ST and not a weird rebalanced version of it.