Why don't people taunt more often

Doesn’t the taunt with ken allow him to do more damage during the next hit? If so then why don’t people taunt more often with ken, especially after hitting people with SA3 or other supers?

Because morons take it as an insult when you taunt them.

what other supers?

Taunting is dishonourable.

But seriously, for most good players, positioning + more options is better than some extra damage you may not even get. Hit another Ken with a super then taunt, you don’t have enough time to get close and keep all your choices open. Something like meaty UOH, jab srk won’t make it in time.

Against Chun, I don’t think you lose any options after a taunt so I’m not sure why people don’t do it. Possibly because the timing of taunt, dash (or vice versa), meaty UOH is too strict.

I thought about including taunts in my game once (as Ken, some characters already have it in their game because of the bonuses) but it can really infuriate people, especially people new to the game or that are just decent. I have seen real life confrontations, and even (physical) fights start because of excessive taunting (not just in 3s). There are people who don’t mind it and people that do. It’s far rarer in arcades than online in my experiences, just like most smack talk, probably because people are wary of the repercussions of taunting face-to-face…

That reminds me of that time where some guy went crazy mad because I taunted him when he had Sean. “YOU TAUNT WHEN I HAVE SEAN STUPID PIECE OF SHIT U GONNA REGRET IT OMGWTFBBQ”. It was on kaillera.

Ken and chuns taunt tend to seriously piss people off

That ish is the norm on Kaillera.

i sometimes do it to annoy, but usualy do it when i have below half life and opponent has more than half.

honestly i think that when you taunt, it actually slows the pace of the match down, and also kinda clears your opponent’s mind, if he’s not one of those that take insult to it, that is. I think good players actually play better by reaction and instinct when they keep their head clear. Once they begin to think too hard on mind games and anticipations, it seems that they don’t do as well. that 1 second of time where the screen is frozen when ken is taunting while the opponent is on the ground is enough time for the grounded player to calm down, and react to your next move, which won’t be nearly as quick/flustering as if you didn’t do the taunt and were doing some other shit in front of the downed opponent… whatever that may be… idk, just what I think.

lol I love chun’s taunt! she’s such a sexy bitch asshole (yawn), I <3 her!

Oro’s too

If they have near 0 health on a knockdown, meaty taunt ftw.

I’m cool with all of them. I do it all the time, whether it be to insult or for strategy. It’s part of the game and makes it more competitive (sp? stoned…) If it makes someone mad I’ll do it a shit load just because:lovin: I think they should lighten up…This game is for fun not being pissed

Oh yeah what the guy above me said is too true

In a tournament, if I get that super knockdown in the corner… I taunt everyone if they don’t recover in time (Twins).
In casuals, if I get that super or DP knockdown in the corner vs Chun-Li, I taunt.

When I’m vs. Chun I feel like the taunt is the closest thing to make her feel scared in the corner the same way she does versus everyone else. Suddenly, cr.LK, cr.LP turns into strong, fierce xx super. Corner just comes down to bullying, now doesn’t it?

What Gaijinblaze said about losing the meaty UOH is true, but you can still set that up with knockdowns like EX fb, or neutral throw. I try to use meaty UOH very sparingly anyways. But you can also look at it like this(extreme gimmick): Knockdown, taunt, neutral throw -> meaty UOH. :rofl:

Anyways, I’m always respectful at the arcade, win or lose, I compliment players after good matches. I just like playing 3s. In a tournament, my opponent is playing to win just as much as me, so if they take insult to my taunt that is just their problem. If I taunted, and won… good for me – I used something **in the game **to my advantage to win. The people that would get mad are probably the same you learned the game with, that think blocking is so infallible, that throws are “bs, lame, cheap, etc.”. It’s the same attitude to me.

I was going to end this post with just my first two sentences, and I just had to start a rant. Oh well. :sweat:

I just won’t do it after a ko… Have to try for after the buzzer hits

My belief on taunting is that you should do it after a really good ass-beating otherwise, it just kinda feels meh. I laugh when scrubs get a lucky win on me and then taunt, and then I do the jab stun combo with makoto then finish them with my taunt. If you have the opening to kill someone with a taunt (stun) I think you should take it.

I don’t really see what difference it makes, though. If someone taunts it’s their problem if they lose because they got cocky. Also, are we just talking about functional taunts or any taunt?

One of the oro’s I play alot will taunt from far away to empty his stun bar. I can’t remember what most characters taunts do, except for q and makoto.

Taunting is what it is…making fun of your opponent. I find it kinda trivial when people say that taunts are disrespecting the other players. Well DUH! If I wanted to be nice to you, I wouldn’t have taunted you. I tend to taunt a lot in CVS as well, espcially after I finish a big A groove combo. One time I comboed into a taunt with Joe after hitting the Screw upper finish in the corner. It actually comboed into it and the hit registered in the combo count.

Gray Fox: All the personal actions are listed in the SRK wiki for 3S.

As for the Ken taunt…I only hit it when playing Chun because she has no answer for it, even when she’s in the corner…barring that she doesn’t have meter.

So for all you taunt haters…get over yourself…it’s a game for crying out loud.

I think the OP meant taunting for bonus purposes, not mocking purposes… for example, there’s nothing insulting about Q or dudley taunting

I always wondered why more people don’t taunt as well, but I believe it’s as gaijin says about positioning being more important than a few extra points of damage. daigo and a few others taunt for the bonus, but I suppose it comes with a different follow-up strat after.

as well, I’ve seen j.r. use akuma’s taunt for the bonus, as well as some japanese hugo player.

Was that japanese player YSB? Cause I think he does it too. I have only seen certain videos with Daigo taunting after a super art knockdown, but I’m not too sure if he uses it after every knockdown. If I get ken’s rolling throw, then I taunt afterwards, because I have the space. But I think taunting is up to the eye of the beholder. There’s no room to block if you do it if you’re too close and most shotos will shoryu your ass just to show you how stupid you are.

I will always taunt if there’s something to be gained.

How about we compile some scenarios where taunting does not sacrifice position? I.E. Chun corner SA3

I, for one, always taunt after backwards throwing Hugo.