Why don't people use Magneto and Wolverine in the same team?

Just a question from a noob wondering about team building.

They do lol

They do, Ever seen Mag/Wolvie/Tron? FUCKEN deadly…

Why isn’t it so damn common then?

I use mag, wolvy, sent. Mag dhc glitch to wolvy for one hit kill. Sent with Mag makes a killer keep away game. Once I get a knockdown, I send in the drones. If there is no wolvy. I can use mag level 3 and tag to sent for otg combo. Sent can be used as a dhc glitch partner with wolvy. Wolvy can cross up berserker slash with Hyper grav assists for a free combo.

I got bodied by a Mag/Wolvie/Akuma player this weekend at a tourney. They’re actually pretty common.

Magneto is “hard” to play

because people tend to immediately give up on a character when a combo requires more than LMHS MMHS.

poor Erik.

STOP GIVING PEOPLE IDEAS!!! i already hate fighting both of them bastards separately :lol:…:sad:

Magnus isn’t derpy enough to be on the same team as Wolvie, hence why Phoenix is usually with Wolvie.

Idk what you’re talking about, they’re both “derpy” and “cheap” as fuck. Not to mention the DHC abilities (easy swap in for Wolverine, DHC glitch) Magneto’s BnB is pretty tough, but his loop is wicked easy.

magneto is cheap since when? since chilling back from full screen and throwing out EM disruptors + drones? lol. if you’re talking about his zoning game, it is pretty one-dimensional. if you can’t beat disruptah spam, tough. mags shouldn’t be in the same derpy ass wavelength as logan. you actually have to put some time into learning I dunno, actual combos and shit. he doesn’t even have an insta-crossup move into berderper charge.

and which loop btw? he has like 4 or 5 different ones. I’m a week 3 magneto player and the only one I need to learn is the ROM, which I’m getting slowly but surely. hyper grav loops are like second nature now but it did take me like… 3 or 5 hours or more to get it really consistent.

The hyper grav ones, yeah. Mind you, I hate using the word cheap. So apologies if that makes no sense. But, what I mean is I find his rushdown the hardest to block in the game hands down. His disruptor game is not cheap at all. In fact I find it pretty weak, sadly. And yeah, Magneto takes a long time to learn, I’ll give you that.

hmm, really? is it the trijump pressure/trijump H OS into air throw? like I said, mags’ normals are only average as best. the character with the stupidest normals in the game has to go to zero. you literally cannot touch a button if he’s mashing cr.L and you’re as good as dead if you don’t pushblock. I don’t even wanna imagine what kinda shit he could pull off if he could trijump… yeeesh. magneto’s been a trijumping maniac for a long time now, so that’s pretty much been his thing since X-Men vs Street Fighter I think. it’s slower now than it was in MvC2 so this time around I think mags is more balanced overall.

Actually yeah, I take that back. Zero is the hardest to block for sure. Even his crouching medium beats most moves! However, yeah, I feel like Magneto’s tri jump combined with his sliding crouching move makes him REALLY hard to block. Maybe it’s just me. That and when he rushes forward and dashes low+backwards, it’s the most confusing thing ever.

mag does have a great keep away with drones. It beats shehulk and ammy. I r serious. Do shockwave if they get near, or catch with air grab or just run through the other side. Seriously don’t underrate his keepaway. I see players just tridashing like and whiffing get C combo but ammy. If u guys need help on ROM I think my post in the combo thread might help. Or just do fly and unfly combos bc its more practical than the rom gets them in the corner then u can do the hyper grav loop to dhc trick. I see the best players dropping that Rom.

yeah that’s always been what makes trijumps so dangerous. it doesn’t take a lot to open him up though. outside of chilling back and throwing disruptahs, his defense is pretty bad and his 800k health further enforces that.

I play Wolv/Mag/Tron and have been a Magneto players since Day 1. I moved from Mag/Sent/Phoenix to this team because it really is just that solid. If you aren’t seeing people running them together on a team, then there is probably a reason for that – and that reason being that Magneto isn’t easy to play at all. Someone mentioned that unless their BB is 4 inputs, you might not find many people playing that character along with Wolverine.

But I’ll tell you this, Wolv/Mag on a team together is 100% buff. They feed off each other very well.

Looks like such a good team. And I see it is! Thanks everyone.

I love magneto but the timings on his loops get so messed up. I think magneto/wolverine/Akuma is a great team