Why don't remakes retain players?


I have SSF2THDR and HF on 360 and I can get a few games at peak hours on HDR but have never gotten a game on Hyper Fighting. I want to get KOF98 and 2k2 UM along with a few other neo geo titles (like garou) on arcade but I’m afraid there won’t be players.

Why do these games get a little hype then the playerbase cliff dives?


Because not a lot of people are playing HDR, HF on 360 is unplayable, 2k2 UM and Garou don’t have good netcodes and idk about 98 but I’m going to assume the same. If you want to play old games with people get on GGPO.


Nostalgia can only hold a game back up for a short while. People want the new shit, and they want it now. So ADD…


Because old games are too hard, and the average 09er only cares about what the top players play.


HDR was pretty damn popular when it first came out. However the SF2 game engine can be pretty unforgiving which can make it difficult for beginner’s to get into a game that had its roots in nearly 18 years’ worth of competitive play. When SF4 came out, a lot of new players that were getting into HDR jumped ship to the new game, which had a much easier learning curve, extreme amounts of initial hype, and a bigger player base to go up against. Not to mention that HDR split the community between ST and HDR for a long time, which already divided the diminishing ST community, with ST having come into a bit more prominence this year with the Tournament of Legends and Capcom 25th Anniversary tourneys. HDR’s online net code was kind of hit and miss depending on your area.

HF is an extremely fun game, but even more difficult to get into than ST. It’s considered that last true SF game before the introduction of comeback factors and Marvel-esque type gameplay. Most SF2 players usually just play ST due to its bigger crowd following for that game series.

Older versions of KOF98, UM, and ST, all have bigger crowd followings on GGPO, which is a game client you can download that allows you play multiplayer for those games, even if it never had an online port. All you need to do is download the game client and a rom, and you’re all set to go. Check out GGPO if you want to play games like HF, ST, and older KOFs.

KOF was popular, but with the introduction of KOF13, pretty much all KOF guys are getting in on that, especially after the insane amount of hype and exposure it gained by being a main game at Evo this year.


Because folks expect arcade perfect ports of classics. Which is rare if ever, and even when promised it’s only 99.9% - see 3SO.
The new one doesn’t pick up because of getting caught up in complaining about the differences rather than the similarities.
I’m neutral on the issue, but I’d rather arcade perfect if given a choice.


98’s netcode was SUPER shitty. Like, 1/2 second input delay for a MD to TX match bad. It made KOF12’s netcode look godlike.


Just play ggpo.

I love having access to playing classic FG’s with people in Japan & etc for free.

I mostly play the Kof’s but also play ST, Vampire Savior, and other games on GGPO just because I have access of playing great players from other countries from the variety of classic games.

Sent from EVO 4G.


Older fighting games are harder then these newer friendlier games. Almost every single new fighting game has some sort of comeback mechanic now.


2002UM had good netcode. much better than KOFXIII. i come across some players with luck but they’re usually really good, or really bad at the game.

HDR online is pretty much still alive from my experience.


HDR seems slightly more busier than it was a year ago. I’ve even managed to find a few other non East Asian players on there in Classic mode. Time of day could be a factor for you. 3sOE is so problematic I think a lot of good players and long term fans just avoid it. A real shame.

KOF98 is huge on GGPO.


To answer the OP’s question:

Because they’re too new to be old and too old to be new.


Because it’s hip to be a square?


KOF98 is the only game on ggpo I can find people to play with that have decent connection. Not a lot of pop on the other games.

This whole internet thing is nonsense. What if there was a place people could all go to play fighting games in person, how cool would that be?


Hyper Fighting:
[]CRAP netcode;
]high-res graphics, but worse detail;
[]anatomy errors in the character sprites;
]character sprites animate badly;
[]acceptable input lag in XBox, horrible input lag in PS3;
]added bugs in remixed mode which have not been fixed;
[]huge delay in releasing the game caused it to be released just before SF4, which game new players an easier, more superficial game to play instead;
]half the cast (old character versions) was removed in remixed mode;
[]VERY bad-quality music in the form of OCRemix versions (bass lines removed, drums lines removed);
]original stage graphics removed due to memory restrictions for online titles;
[*]some rebalance decisions were a mistake (e.g., Cammy’s diagonal strong punch nerf).


Haha, as an 09’er i can say (with some shame) that i do find most of the remakes a lot harder to play. I do own 3S, HDR HF 2k2 and 98 because i wanted to give them all a try but alas SSF4 is most definitely my shit.


Actually at the arcades these new versions of old games are doing well. KOF2K2UM had a lot of arcade success, and it deserves it.


Wasn’t classic mode not arcade perfect as well or something?


resident evil remake did8-)

yes I know its not a fighting game…


Nope, it’s not. Closest thing to arcade perfect would be the DC port with the dip switch settings adjusted.

At this point, the idea of an arcade-perfect port of ST is mythical and probably impossible. ST is so poorly coded that it would be difficult to transition that to consoles without at least a few weird glitches and bugs, and ST guys want their ST absolutely perfect. The damn game has been duct-taped together from several different games, and somehow it’s playable.