Why don't they just shoot condemned criminals in the head?

Like, what’s up with all the crazy methods of execution that are used? It seems like its constantly debated how to execute ppl in a “humane” way. I guess lethal injection is supposed to be reasonably ok… but even still it seems like it sometimes gets fucked up, and the whole procedure seems to take kind of a long time.

Seriously why not just shoot them in the head? I guess if you do that, you basically destroy the brain faster than it can register pain, so the convict literally doesnt feel anything. Its instant.

What I find super surprising is that even when a firing squad is used, they shoot for the heart! Like wtf? Doesn’t that mean the convict has massive pain in their chest, followed by what amounts to suffocating to death?

Someone enlighten me.

Like, I know right!

Because? that’s? kinda what they want us to do.

And lethal injection apparently fucking burns like hell. HOWEVER, the first thing they inject you with paralyzes the body so that there are no spasms and shaking from the inmate whose veins are now pumping fire.

What if you only had one bullet, and the guy you shoot becomes a zombie? What do you do then?

It would be a mess for one thing. And I don’t think the legal system could ,within good conscience, employ someone who’s job it was to personally shoot people in the fucking head. They’d have to become so desensitized to killing people that it’d be dangerous for them to be free citizens. And then someone has to clean up the corpse. I imagine they’d use a pretty high caliber since people survive 9mm every so often. I dunno man some people still have funerals after death row. I would think families might like the option of an open casket, and would be pretty shocked to find out their son or daughter was shot in the head and was to gruesome to look at.

Take your clothes off & go dancing in the rain!

several states have a firing squad option iirc

surprisingly not texas

You couldnt have an Open Casket if someone blew your brains out or chopped your head off.

Depends. We talking about Resident Evil-style zombies where the T-Virus is airborn? If so, it’s ggpo already. If it’s straight up get-bitten-and-you’re-a-zombie, then the best move would be to dupe the motherfucker into a cell and lock him in.

Shooting someone in the head isn’t a ‘humane’ way of execution. If you think about it, the most heinous of homicide crimes, according to prosecutors and juries is where the victim is shot execution style. I don’t see how you could justify any means of execution as humane however, the only way it would be both clean and painless is to somehow find a way to ‘shut off’ the brain and stop the heart at the same time.

High Explosives?

Use a sword?

Wouldn’t wanna use a sword. If you slash em open and their blood gets in your eyes, you’ll become a zombie too.

Yeah, but what’s so weird is that they shoot you in the heart, not the head.

If its really an issue of the body being too ugly afterwards, you’d think they’d still give the guy a choice to have it done this way.

As another option, how about giving the guy a general anesthetic, like what they give people before surgery, and then shooting them in the head?

White ppl actually care about humane? Is this a JOKE thread?

Safety goggles or glasses are always an option. But it shouldn’t matter if he was shot in the head because if the did it in the right place for a quick “painless” death, the brain shouldn’t be “functioning” for a zombie anyway so he wouldn’t be able to come back. I have no idea why I’m arguing this by the way.

They do: http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2010/04/23/utah-man-chooses-firing-squad-for-execution/?hpt=T2

Granted it’ll take a bit of skill to nail’m in the head. But where else would you aim?

"White ppl actually care about humane? Is this a JOKE thread? "

Probably, because I know I certainly don’t.

Let me figure out a Humane way to dispose of this condemned criminal who raped 20 girls under the age of 18 and shoves a stick of dynamite in their cunts to execute them after the rape.

yeah its the Humane thing to do.

I always figured that it was less about punishing that person and more about making sure that they never harm anyone again. Making an example of them by taking their life is also a reason. The objective does not seem to be pain. Do you think that it should be?