Why don't they just shoot condemned criminals in the head?

shooting someone in tthe heart kills them instantly, who said it doesnt?

We’ll save a lot of money if we off criminals. Also get housing for people who deserve it. Some places it costs us taxpayers $100 a day to house inmates. Double or triple that for prisoners. A lot of people could live comfortably off of $500 a week and that’s about $70 a day.

Even so, it could get onto any cut or hangnail or a freshly-popped zit, enter your bloodstream and then you’re part of the zombie hordes. This is technically a problem with both guns and swords, but the whole proximity issue of using a sword makes it a shitty option for zombie-slaying unless you’re Frank West.

Zombies are a compelling subject. That’s why.

How is that different from injecting?
you still are technically ‘pulling the trigger’

I think I’d be good at that job.

Mess, schmess. Put their ass into a steel box with a head restraint, and a couple openings for whatever gun you’re killing them with: 2 on either temple, one on the back at the base of the skull. 2 shots, move the box to a truck for disposal, dump it, spray-wash, mop up what blood escapes onto the killing floor, reload box with the next guy. And a person becoming desensitized to killing doesn’t mean that they’d just go out and do it for shits and giggles. It just means that they would be a LOT more expedient at protecting themselves with lethal force and keeping their wits about them, which is apparently rapidly becoming necessary in today’s world.

They shouldn’t even execute people, just let them rot in the cell.

Oh, no: gotta feed 'em, plus they take up room. Cost adds up. They get everything taken care of while free people have to toil hard for life. Can’t just lock 'em away in an oubliette.

Just fuckin’ squash 'em. Garbage compactor. Goodbye.

I think the whole issue of capital punishment is ridiculous. The death penalty is more expensive than life imprisonment and it slows down the court with a flood of appeals. There is also the issue of wrongful execution, of which there have been hundreds if not thousands of cases over the years.

Once you kill someone and later find out they’re innocent, you can’t take it back. All you can do is issue a posthumous apology, and that’s anything but justice. It’s ironic that the death penalty is supposedly the conservative position since it gives a massive amount of power to the government by allowing it to decide who lives and who dies. It’s really not a libertarian or limited government position in the slightest, and if anything it’s undeniably statist to its core.

But once again, this is yet another issue where facts are irrelevant and it’s all about perception in the eyes of the public. Ironically, this is the same public that is supposedly 70% Christian, and yet they feel the need to take an eye for an eye instead of turning the other cheek.

Eye for an eye is the original Christian position. Turn the other cheek was simply a cop-out move artificially introduced into the religion by Romans to keep the lower class (who were primarily Christian) as submissive as possible, hence ‘turn the other cheek’.


^ Yeah, but you won’t actually her them say that in their congregations or to other people, especially when trying to get converts.

Similar to how apparently stoning gays is in the old Testament but they don’t (well, at least they don’t openly) speak/advocate about it.

I think Higher Jin’s point still stands, and overall as costly as keeping the jails can be (not to mention we’re in a recession) just simply offing people like that is way severe, not to mention what happens if there people are later to be found innocent. The last thing government and courts should do is blindly follow the thoughts of the general public; it was because of this that Japanese-Americans were unfairly treated during WW2 because of the actions of their original government; similarly with German Americans during WW1 even though we know those people were Americans and harmless through and through. And what did those Japanese-Americans get in after all those years for doing nothing wrong? What, like $20,000 to several families as compensation? Despite being ported to camps like animals, having their possessions confiscated and businesses and jobs snatched away?

Yeah, the current system is flawed but we’ll have to deal with it.

I don’t think the argument here is whether or not to have the death penalty, but the silliness that is making sure the death is “humane”. What part of **execution **is humane? It’s a fuckin’ oxymoron. I have a hard time ever agreeing with a death penalty myself, but in the rare cases where it seems proper, humane means are downright dumb. Sterilizing the needle? Seriously? Why? The bitch is gonna be dead long before any disease would cause harm…

In the future, we’ll just leave criminals outside the outer walls of our fortified cities and let the zombies have them. In really bad areas, we’ll arm them and tell them if they take out enough zees, they can re-enter as free men…but, well, you know :devil:

Killing should not even be an option imo. According to the bible you cant kill anyone ever. Justice doesnt mean death, justice means they serve agony for what crimes they’ve done. To be honest i think its far worse if they let them live and put them in the hole there whole life than just killing them. Sure everyone will be relieved but in the end they commit the same crime the criminal went in for. Just my 2 cents.

If you ever happen to go to the hole believe me you’d wanna die than be alive.

Are you frikking kidding me? Any condemned man, sentenced to death that can kill enough zombies to buy his way back into the city, you don’t want back in the city.

I know. Why do you think I put the :devil:? One thing you’ll find about me: I’m a fair person with a strong sense of honor toward honorable people…but I’m also pretty damn cold, and borderline evil in my choice of punishments. Let them THINK they have a chance, but leave their ass in the wind. They’ll fight like one-man armies…but they wouldn’t if they knew you never intended to let them back in in the first place. They’ll do the work of 3-10 men, but they WILL eventually fall.

I hope this post was sarcastic. You did not just refer to Hammurabi’s Code as the basis for Christianity.

See that’s the thing. You can pretty much achieve the effect of “making sure they don’t do it again” by simply locking them in a room for 23 1/2 hours a day(its also the cheaper option). Also killing people as a deterrent for rape/murder has been proven time and time again to be a shitty one at best and the only function it has is to satisfy the victim/family’s bloodlust. I’m going to leave because I don’t want to start a political debate and get banned.

I dunno, bro. He might just be like the Incredible Hulk in the Ultimates comics. You might just wanna have him locked up for when things are looking really hairy. Then you can just release that motherfucker and he’ll wipe the horde out.

Then again, you’d also be taking the risk that the dude would then get infected himself, which starts up a Marvel Zombies-type situation where you’ll have a super-zombie on your hands…