Why Exactly are Stick Prices Soaring

I’ve been wondering lately why the prices shot up so high recently. I understand that some of it is due to SF4 coming out of course, however the current prices are often times nearly double the original prices and much higher than msrp. Not to mention everything seems to be out of stock everywhere.

Is it simply that Hori and Madcatz flat out did not predict the demand for their sticks and were not ready to produce the amount needed? I am skeptical that this is the case. Is it from those companies supplier side? Is sanwa not producing enough jlfs? I’ve seen that a lot of them are out of stock in various places as well. That said, why is there also a shortage of the non sanwa parts sicks?

While these two aren’t the only sticks out there, it seems like the option of choices have allowed other companies to severely overprice all of their goods. Any ETA on when prices get under control again?

its because of the game dude and because there hard to get. and how the hell should be we know when prices will be normal again?

I ain’t surprised. We got big hitters coming this year so sticks are flyin off the shelves

That wasn’t my question. Clearly SF4 has something to do with it, however manufacturers should have seen the increase in demand coming and thus ramped up production. I’m wondering where the shortage is stemming from and if there is any news on when that shortage will be alleviated.

Yeah, this is the year of the Fighting genre once again!! I cannot wait!

Also… if you think about it… the economy went into recession too… I can see why manufacturers were cautious in producing too much.

Yea jeez if ony i predicted getting a 360 and a fighting stick in time… lol chiiit!

You answered the question yourself pretty much. There are massive shortages of stock but a high demand which is why prices are so high. Remember the kinds of prices Wiis were going for at Christmas when it was first released? As soon as the majority of demand is met or people stop playing SF4/fighting games on the current-gen consoles, prices will normalise. That may be a while though. There are a number of big games coming out later this year apparently.

After seeing such demand I find it doubtful that manufacturers would rather just keep their output the same. They will clearly optimize their profits by increasing production.

Furthermore, the fact that eBay is the only place to purchase sticks means that none are entering the market at all.

The producers must not have been ready for the demand spike. Street Fighter IV obviously had a lot to do with it, but I believe the Madcatz sticks helped to make Arcade Sticks for consoles more widely known to Joe Average Gamer. Niche guys hardly make a dent on the market when compared to the hordes of Mr. Average.

Edit: Also, judging by how many sites/businesses are having problems getting Sanwa parts in stock, it seems like Sanwa is probably the source of the bottle neck. That single company is producing a large percentage of all buttons/sticks going out for sale, which I think helps my argument that the Madcatz sticks have a lot to do with people’s awareness. You think Sanwa would be doing so well if Seimitsu had landed that contract?

supply and demand. thats the short answer.

supplies are low and demand is high. companies capitalize on this and take advantage of the demand by charging more. its just business. sucks, but its true. and now that manufacturers know how much demand there is for controllers, theyd only limit their production because they can charge more. if they started mass producing them again and saturating the market, supply will go up and that would drive retailers to start selling them competitively (retail price) and no one would capitalize anymore. for the love of money.

how could they see this coming? based on what? its better for a company to have an item that is sort after than have 20,000 units that they arnt able to shift…

its easy to pick holes after the fact…

Not enough supply, and too much demand!

not necessarily.

if increasing production means buying new real estate or purchasing new machinery… then demand returns to the old level or an even lower level after the spike, they lose money on the investment of unused land and/or machinery.

it’s a simple way of looking at it but you get the idea

good point.

if anyone studies trends in video games, especially fighting games, you will notice that not a lot of them were highly anticipated. the last biggest hyped one was the anniversary edition of street fighter on the ps2 console. that even came out with its own arcade stick also. but those sticks were well in stock for several months afterwards. and since then a few more fighting games like Soul Calibur also came out, also with their own arcade stick, and same thing happened. those collectors sticks stayed in stock after the release of the game. so why would capcom or madcatz expect sf4 to do so well from past observations of fighting games? generally speaking, fighting games dont do well in sales compared to other types of games, like FPS. their decision was not a mistake.

on the other hand, sf4 was very well advertised and already had a strong fan base to begin with. its release helped expose the fighting game community which appealed to a lot of casual gamers.

The thing is, the supply currently is pretty much 0. If you look around, stick companies have not resupplied any of their wholesalers for months. They themselves are not charging more, it’s the retailers, rather eBayers and other small 3rd parties who purchased large quantities back when it was in stock and are now selling them for double the price. The stick companies themselves are not seeing any of that profit.

Yes, I wasn’t really expecting them to expand their business to match the entire demand. However, I never expected them to simply stop producing. I agree with the sanwa being a bottleneck however there are nonsanwa sticks that are also awol atm. Something’s going on. Does anyone have any news from Japan or heard from Madcatz on why production is pretty much 0.

Economic 101 “Demand and Supplies”

It’s true that many people believe that the success of the Wii was attributed to the limited number of systems available, however this sort of hype machine does not work for most markets. Even with all of the new casual consumers purchasing sticks, the fact that such a topic about why we can’t find sticks is no where on the mainstream and hasn’t really even been brought up. With the Wii, there were sites brought up simply to tell you when the next shipment would be. Furthermore, it was all over news. Nothing like with sticks.

Yes Econ 101a. Then explain to me why, if they are currently experiencing a supply shortage and they are not at equilibrium, instead of shifting supply to the right they are shifting left.

If anything this might be more of a marketing problem or a production issue rather than just simple “Economic 101 “Demand and Supplies”” as you call it.

I think it has not came up since it’s really just common sense with Sf4 and wii is a lot more mainstream than sticks compare arcade sticks sold to the 50 million wii’s sold in the past couple years.