Why fighting games suck

I found this posted online and thought everyone may find it . . . interesting:

Why fighting games suck


Look at the picture of the dude who wrote it…nuff said.

ignorant article is ignorant…and has also been done a million times.

Somebody throw a cupcake at this guys forehead plz.

That article sucks.

you guys actually read it?

If he had qualified his statement of all fighting games sucking with “since SF4”, then I might have agreed with him.


Well I feel stupider now after reading that.

wow i can’t believe i actually read the whole thing, but it was worth it because at the end of the article…

he praises smash as one of the only good fighting games.

that is pure win.

I do believe that is actually the single worst article on the entire internet.

oh god. If I didn’t know any better I’d think this was ingeniously clever.

Haha it gave me a wtf look when I read that part. Also another quote about the FPS depth from the article

Top players in fighting games does have to do this in their matches

BTW first thing that came to mind when I saw the thread title was the youtube guy.

I’m confused. Isn’t knowing what to do in any given situation a huge part of what defines a skilled player in any game or sport of any kind? Especially since he brushes off execution as not an aspect of skill ( and he seems to think it’s pretty trivial )… what else could a skilled player do? In any game of any kind, not just fighters.

People shouldn’t write articles about subjects they don’t know about. He even admits himself, he’s not good at fighting games (which would instigate he has little knowledge on fighting games), and yet still goes on to make a in depth analysis of said genre. Doh…

He has the mindset of Turtle Fighter IV, where everyone online tries to just play it as rock/paper/scissors on reaction instead of you know, thinking ahead and using their brain. To be honest, there’s something in the pacing and the risk:reward of SFIV that does that to me as well.

For whatever reason, because the playing area is just a flat floor with a wall at either end people can’t understand there’s strategy involved.

he even says that smash is kinda better than other fighting games :rofl:

Im stealing that fireballs beating out Dragon punch strat.

Instead, lets play a complex game style!


Is it possible that this is a joke article?

Troll maybe. Trolling gets hits.