Why fighting games suck

It was a cleverly disguised argument about why other game genres are better than fighting games. Then the end was very contradictory; “In First Person Shooters, not only do you need to have an expert level of precision aiming and knowledge of the game, but you also have to be able to outsmart your opponents. You need to be able to predict their strategy and adapt to their tactics.” (Why fighting games suck)

What a fucking colostomy bag. A waste of space that attaches to peoples intestine and fills with shit.

lol This guy basically summed up the argument.

There are many people in the world that deserve to be murdered.


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“The only thing you need to do to become “good” is play the game enough to learn what beats what. Then, when your opponent performsa Dragon Uppercut you know you have to counter with aFireball immediately.”

Oh dear.

I will say it was cute how he capitalized “Fireball” as if it were a proper noun or something.

“One example I can recall from Street Fighter is using M. Bison’s down and B attack where he dashes forward. I remember people abusing this attack so much that it literally became the only one they performed in entire matches. If you saw an M. Bison vs M. Bison match, chances are it would be a war of the forward dashes.”

I want to believe he’s referring to the Psycho Crusher, because if he means his sweep… fuuuuuck :wow:.

Well, not that it would make much of a difference, considering the rest of the article.

I wonder why he seems so angry in that article. Seems odd.

Not unique to FGs either. “Related Articles” on that page leads to one where he cries about not being able to stop campers in FPSes.

edit: Since when was 2D to 3D an “evolution” when both are very different subgenres in terms of playstyle? And since when were 3D games dead?

The fail in this mans words are so epic. I wasn’t sure this type of ignorance existed why it is most certainly over 9000! This must be be a sign that the end of days are coming.

Shout out to Adam Sessler btw

this made snort.

Aren’t virtua fighter and tekken two of the most popular worldwide titles ever? DISASTER!

The video he posted was lol worthy too, doesn’t seem to know he’s fighting the computer and not a person. Pretty sure spamming jump kick doesn’t work on real people, maybe dogs chewing on controllers but that’s it.

Games journalism at work, Op Ed or not. That guy would fail high school English.

Who really cares what this gentleman thinks in any case? The internet is made up entirely of screaming gibberish and amputee porn. This is just more of the same.

this is why namco focused on the stupid campaign mode in tekken instead of a decent training mode.

If fighting games aren’t evolving then why is every single fighting game COMPLETELY different. That’s like saying soda isn’t evolving. “There’s only a bunch of different flavors.” No. There’s diet, caffeine free, sugar free, 0 calories, orange, root beer, made with real sugar, throwback. The list never ends. This dude needs to be locked up playing daigo at street fighter 4 for a month, then have him play guilty gear, see how he feels.

I think we can agree that all video games suck. /troll

everyone here got trolled by that dude’s blog post

I would guess they suck because you have to memorize long combos “to win.”

Irate Gamer is a better troll than this guy is!

That’s what I thought.

I scrolled it and read that Smash Bros. took fighting games to a whole new level and fps have evolved…
That was more than enough to stop me from reading and laugh.

lol dudes are getting trolled

edit: lol even srk got trolled surprising .