Why GGAC players should not show up

Because GGAC wont be in EVO.

Better learn that CVS2

lololololol +++ rep.

Hope to see you next year. Oh wait, CvS2 won’t be at Evo. Better learn that GG.

massive LOL


CvS2 will be back, GG I dont know.

OH and why would I practice a game when it wont be at EVO kinda pointless, just cuz you did it.


I am so upset by this thread I have no other choice but to listen to fall out boy and slit my wrists.

Damn dude, seriouly you want to try to make me look bad for playing Guilty Gear on the forums. So Ill give you your chance…

50$ 2/3 in cvs2 at evo. C’mon it your game lets go…:wgrin:

If you want to go for more just say it.

YOU SCURRRED OR SUMTIN!?!!?!?!??! I mean what if you lose to a GUILTY GEAR PLAYER!!?!?!?

Trolls don’t actually play games. Guess you won’t get your free $50. :frowning:

cvs2 is only there because it takes less time than gg.

By that I mean no one plays it so the tournament will have 1/3 the entries to offset the matches being twice as long. This is after the switch to one game of course.

It’s hard to troll both games in the same post.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


if i could + rep i would.

Don’t you just play Tekken now, jerk? :lovin:

Evo is in Vegas. They should come and play cards anyway. http://img441.imageshack.us/img441/6302/44962382vj8.png


keep the trolling out of here. grow up