Why GGAC players should still show up

Hey, were all upset… but I don’t think we should be frettin on such a manner. If we want a future for our game we should be doing our best to go to evo this year and make ggac the numbers that FRXI is getting right now. 150+ side tournament is hype, throw that in vegas its even hyper. With all this talk about side tournament games getting on the big screen I don’t think that we should have to worry about getting the big stick because if you want to go to the biggest and best GGAC tourney this year why not go to evo. Mr Wizard and the Cannons are making it viable for such tourney to go down in a great venue, why not take use of this situation. I just wanted to say that well be back next year, just this year it will be us getting our hands dirty to get this tournament prepared and not evo staff.


While I agree that GGAC players should still show up, it’s really hard to generate the same hype with many people who won’t show up regardless, along with the Japanese players. It’s pretty depressing to think about what this evo could have been. This didn’t really need to be a separate thread.

Yeah…as important as it is to remind people to still show up in numbers…it’s just not the same when it’s obvious that GG players’ game just won’t be looked at in the same light as the other games at Evo.

With all the trolling, I thought the manner would be overlooked and I’m dead serious about getting a tourney. If the japanese don’t come they are missing out, but we can’t let this prevent an amazing tournament and turnout. I think we need to work a little harder for this instead of giving up.

Definitely the harder you work the better. Showing up regardless will show to Evo in the biggest way possible that GG is serious and ready to be at Evo. They won’t have to look at forums to see the numbers. They’ll be right there in front of the Evo staff. I’m just not certain a lot of the community is ready to stomach it or will still decide to turn up. Depends on how hot people’s blood is boiling over the situation I guess.

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Isn’t SBO the same weekend as EVO this year? If that’s the case the Japanese weren’t going to show up either way.

A week after EVO.

I like how this thread is only 7 posts in (and I’ve made 99 percent of the posts). Everyone’s still venting their hate and not worried about the future yet.

Entrance for games is too small anyways. You could really get noticed if you turn up the dollars.

How much money would you people put down in a GG tourney?

$1000 Teams?

We have something in the works for GG at Evo going on right now… Stay tuned!

Lets get recoders to make our own DVD with Final 8 for singles and teams or something , see if we can get em on the big screen and organize this shit. THere are a couple things i was thinking of but it doesnt need to be decided right now. We still have months for that.

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MB at FRXI will have commentary too NUCCA!


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I am going to ask MIU this weekend if he still plans to go to Evo. He was always one of the biggest supporters of Evo among the Japanese and was really excited to go. Im sure this news is going to be very dissapointing to him. Ill have to ask RF when I go to Kansai in a few weeks as well. I honestly think this is going to reduce the amount of Japanese players that attend but I guess I will just see what they say.

Also, Deathscythe, where did you see that the official date for SBO is going to be the week after evo? Ive been checking tougeki.com and I dont see a date announced yet, it just says sometime in August. I need to know this ASAP so I can start to plan my trip back to the US this summer so it doesnt conflict with SBO.

couldnt agree more

Hope you can make it down Mike, would love to talk faust matchups with you especially with all that japanese exp.:lovin:

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Get outta here with that internet nerd shit slang, we tryin to run a tournament here. When you’re ready to lose some money, pm me.