Why give a poop about links?

I only have played two SF games to any degree of seriousness, and I have encountered the absolute necessity of links in SF4 and how much it fucks with the following:

  1. Online play
  2. Learning Curve
    3 Usage of scrubby tactics like mashing

In GGPO 3S if you left yourself wide open it didn’t matter what the connection was like or controller the opponent was using, you took your target-combo>shoryu>SAIII like a man and made a sandwich while he finished.

I play SF cause I enjoy the mindgames, the character variety, and balanced (for the most part anyway) cast. I see no point whatsoever in learning the rhythm for 3x cr.lk into scissors offline when I know that it’s going to be inconsistent when I go online.

The design of this game’s combo system interferes with the very fundamentals of Street Fighter itself imo. It needlessly fucks with the risk-reward scenarios of random unsafe moves at the casual levels of play at the very least.

So what’s good about a link combo system? Do you think chained combos should be implemented to allow a more cohesive online-offline metagame? Should I stfu and play Dhalsim?

tl:dr :crybaby:

If that’s the type of game you want, Smashboards is that way ->

Are you seriously fucking saying that links are contrary to the fundamentals of Street Fighter itself, and prefer dial in target combos instead? Have you never played ST before?

Maybe I just don’t believe combo execution should sacrifice the metagame when it comes to online play. FG’s should design games with the online community in mind not through just matchmaking, but through gameplay. Smash online is ASS btw.

Wait… so you want an easier combo system to compensate for laggy online play? A game that you shouldn’t be taking online seriously in the first place?

Well the guy kinda has a point.

Not every fighting game has to have a release in the few arcades left out there, one purely created for online play could do very well if executed correctly.

Melty Blood had that advantage, the game has been through an abnormal number of patches due to its PC origin, but that’s what’s created the fantastic end result that we have now.

The main difference being that in ST, you don’t necessarily have to do links constantly in order to mount any meaningful sort of offense…

Well shit, there isn’t a good reason why this genre can’t take steps to make itself viable for online play. FG’s are mad fun, but if you aren’t surrounded by a strong community you’ll never be able to step up your game. Considering that the arcade-scene is dying out, the logical step is to cater to the strongest community out there.

I sort of agree with OP. Links are fine but 1 frame links are just unnecessary. I can hit them very consistently due to plinking but I still don’t agree with them, they don’t belong in a game that has so much input leniency and input shortcuts.

I don’t agree that they should design the game with online play in mind. They should work on a good net code for that, not alter the fundamentals of the actual game play.

you think it’s combos that make the difference between off- and online?

Among other things sure.

dbl post.

I do links online all the time, and my connection tends to suck.

But I guess I understand. But even in Third Strike I’d get hit with the occasional link if I did something stupid (UOH into Super). And even without links, the execution barrier in 3S is higher depending on your character. Couple that with online play and well . . .

That, and most of the useful links in ST aren’t as easy to screw up as they are in SF4.

Street Fighter is not as crappy as Tekken, King of Fighter, BlazBlue is the least I can say. But it still seems like a fossil compared to Virtua Fighter let alone DOA.

No cursing in thread titles?


DoA is trash


You know, I’m actually surprised SFIV didn’t have a chain combo system since supposedly Ono and friends wanted to make the game easier for new players and that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think newb-friendly.

Read: "I tried all these games and sucked at them, but I still tried to talk about them like I was an expert."
I hope that since you now think BB sucks, you’ll stay out of that subforum? Thank god.

Also, 1 frame links is not for me. And I think the idea of a fighting game developed around online play instead of tacked on would be a very interesting idea. Not to replace the “true” fighters of course mind you.