Why Gouken?

I checked the whole forum and for some reason, do not see similar thread, so I decided to start one.

I would like to ask, why is Gouken your main? or even alt? What do you like about him that make it your best / favorite character?

Low execution barrier, lots of strategy, big damage on punish, great visual design. That about cover it?

For me I kinda like Gouken cause he reward guessing correctly and predict what other will do. Gouken have very little moves for you to just throws out there and see if it works. Everything he does leave him wide open to various attack. But if you guess right, you get into your opponent’s head very quickly. Especially if they are not familiar with the match up, Gouken seem almost unbeatable.

Ex palm to palm… had me sold.

Because predicting a jump in and throwing out a hp fireball before they even jump, only to have them jump straight into the fireball NEVER gets old :rofl:

he’s different, yet familiar

He looks badass and he doesn’t have much difficulty execution-wise.

Oh, and because it’s funny to KO hapless Ryu players that like to throw out random Metsu Hadoukens with an LOLcounter.

I like shotos, but I got tired of Ryu/Ken/Akuma.

Gouken feels different, have to rely more on strategy and counter-strategy rather than raging it out. Most people write him off then get pounded by some explosive damage possibilities.

Because you must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance :razzy:

I remember the first time I faced an unlocked Gouken with Ken and I was kongo’d at the end of the matches. I was like WTF? I thought the game was broken, so I’d jumped in on him again same damn thing… Needless to say, I unlocked him right after that match and the rest is history.

I main Gouken because I don’t have to know any ridiculous combos with him. maybe that makes me lazy, but my execution is pretty bad. too many tight links and i’m toast.:wasted:

Because I am always a fan of the karate master archetypes and Gouken plays extremely close to another main of mine from another series. Also huge damage and stun plus one of the strongest ultras in the game for massive comeback potential and some pretty good normals, even though he has just about no links.

I main him because he is different. He has his downsides and is not a character for everyone. You do not see many goukens online or in tourneys.

It is just his combos and moves are so satisfying. Kongo a dragon punch and send them flying as you are flexing for the camera…nice.

500+ damage combos using a bar or two of meter and won’t dislocate a thumb doesn’t suck either.

Proof the char is really dead: pretty much every answer to the question boils down to I DUN NO WATS LINKS and I TOOK KARATE ONCE AND MY SENENSEI HANDS GLOWED GOUKEN REMINDED ME OF TAHT

I tend to gravitate towards characters with a lot of special moves or options. Gouken has zillions.

Three angled hadokens, which can each be charged to two hits. EX hadoken throws out two different angled fireballs at once, again those can be charged. His fireballs have great recovery and can juggle into his other specials or ultra.

That’s from his fireballs alone…

His palm strike is a good tool to push opponents into the corner, to continue pressuring them. It can also go through fireballs if spaced right. EX palm strike combos have ultra level damage for one bar of meter.

His tatsu is a good combo ender, a decent anti-air (HK tatsu has great reach). EX tatsu is a decent reversal.

His air tatsu is a good air-to-air tool, hyperfighting style. EX air tatsu travels fast and can be directionally controlled.

His counter/parry is useful in footsies, anti-airs, and can be FADC’d into more damage. It has a 1-frame startup and beats out a lot of frame traps used on other characters. Can easily cancel into his Super attack.

If that wasn’t enough, he has a variety of attacks from his demon flip attacks: Air parry, DF kick, DF slide, DF throw. EX demon flip has tracking and startup invincibility.

On top of that he has great anti-air normals, an overhead, command normal divekick, and a backthrow launcher that leads into everything under the sun, including his raw Shin Shoryuken for ~500 damage. He also has a good reset game from his specials.

He’s a very fun character to play.

I love his balding…

Also i remember i low kongo Cammy’s Ultra in SFIV… Too cool!

playing in “response” to my opponents attacks is the way ive always played. i like when we do set out block strings, and then the ast move in my string is hi or lo kongo, we effectively can attack and counter from the same string. i love this shit. plus the 20 yrs waiting to play sheng long probably helped my deciz.

guys like this get chewed up by me>>>hahahahahahahahahahahahah with a capital HA>

Bullcat and Keiko Desora. that is why.

The combo’s aren’t hard, and it’s mostly hard punches or kicks so that’s a shit load of dmg and stun because he ain’t the lengthy combo kind so dmg scaling won’t reduce that much.
However the combos aren’t as easily hit confirmed compared to the shoto’s. This is harder for me, as I can’t go jab jab then do cr strong xx hadoken or tatsu. I basically have to hit confirm after one hit which I’m not used to doing.

Gouken isn’t a shoto in my eyes, no rising fist, no horizontal travelling tatsu… and he certainly cant mix lp, cr lp, cr lk, cr mp cr mk in any random order into a special like the shoto’s.

His moveset is just fucking cool, great spin on the shoto line of character.

And technically not too simple, not too complicated

And he look and style just screams authority, How dare these kids step in the ring with me!! GET OFF MY LAWN!!!