Why Guilty Gear should be a team format

Guilty Gear simply makes sense to be played in a team format. Repeated tournaments have shown the upper placements and seeds dominated by a few specific characters, while others are almost completely absent. The same characters typically compose the top 8 and 16 of any tournament bracket, and other popular and otherwise solid characters never see the light of day.

Now take a look at Japanese tournaments. You’ll see Potemkins, Zappas, Testaments, Baikens, and all sorts of other “lower-tier” characters throughout the life of Reload. These were competitive players on competitive teams, and they contributed and often brought home tournament wins at major ventures.

Why? The team format.

Guilty Gear is a game where each character is so wildly different that one character can do fantastic against half the cast and be completely boned against a handful of other characters (Think Pot in Reload). This is sort of unavoidable, based upon how characters are built and balanced, but has terrible ramifications for a tournament setting where all the matches are 1v1. In reload, for example, a pot player COULD NOT count on consistantly beating Eddie players. Since Eddie was the best character, there were lots of good eddie’s in any tournament, either in Japan or Stateside. In the USA, playing Pot in a tournament was giving your money to the Eddie players that would inevitably pile up against you until one handed you a loss, since you were simply not going to keep winning even if you got lucky once. At least, not consistantly enough to win 2/3 games twice in a row.

In Japan, that Pot player still mattered. He could take out the other two teammates. He could look to counter other good characters that might give his Eddie-killer teammate some problems (ok, there was no eddie killer, the teammate probably plays Eddie). Regardless, he could be utilized and his choice to play Pot actually could benefit a team. Players under this system are encouraged to play the characters they like most and are best at, and while playing an all-around top character is still the safest bet it may not have the best payoff on a well-designed team.

A team system encourages players who might otherwise give up on their characters or the game, rewards the best players (and not simply those best at character selection) who are able to put together an effective team, sparks rivalries between regions, and evens out the tier lists. 3v3 tournaments are also more exciting to watch and are going to bring people back the next year.

There are, of course, some drawbacks to a team system. To have a team, you need to find teammates. Still, this is Evo. People prepare months ahead for this, and it really shouldn’t be very hard to find a team if you REALLY can’t find anyone in your area to play with. Hell, hold up a sign at Evo saying “looking for 1 more need anchor” if you’re seriously desperate. People are there to compete and there to have fun, and one way or the other you WILL be able to figure something out.

Teams don’t really take any longer than solo play. Simply have it be one game instead of best of 3, with double elim still in place. In fact, this would be FASTER than solo play, by a lot. If you need to, make it 3/5 rounds to even this out.

People who don’t have a full team can still play, they will just be short a member if they seriously can’t find someone in the crowd to take them on. This sucks, but it shouldnt be that hard at all to fill up a 2 or 3 man team.

I am absolutely positive that a team format would improve player interest in Guilty Gear at Evo and subsequent tournaments. Team tournies are simply that much more exciting in this game, and it would provide a huge kickstart to the currently rabid GG community who are already chomping at the bit because of the change that has been brought with Slash.

We’re ready for change. Let’s make this happen.

Now, this all goes down the tubes if there is no Slash at Evo because I don’t think anyone would show up.

Destin also agrees with you, heres his 2cents on Team Format at a post on RC

It seems like much of team serious seems to agree with the opinions of austin’s own Team Anime. perhaps this could be the start of something.

yey teams!

Totally in agreeance. It’s also much more interesting and entertaining to watch a variety of characters and odd matchups instead of the same characters in the top 8 all the time. Poon ftw

The same could be said about any game. Its a little less apparent in cvs2 though.

Interesting idea. It might also cut down on tourney time across the board. For example, in a normal singles event, it takes six to nine games (assuming 2 out of 3)for 6 different people to play and move through one round of a bracket. If it were 3v3, the same six people are done in 3 to 5 games.

Although part of me would still like a singles event.

Just popping in to say that teams are the way to go for GG, other games may or may not work out quite as well but it really depends on the game.
Team tournies tend to get turned into exhibition or side events, which is unfortunate because sometimes they make sense as the main event. GG in particular would benefit from it (and if more tournament organizers started moving in that direction, maybe teams could even become the norm for GG tournaments) and it could keep things more efficient. It could mean less setups necessary (which could be big considering the scene would probably have to provide equipment to have a Slash tourney) or it could just mean getting more matches done more quickly.

It’d be interesting if most Slash tournaments from this point on were to be team tournaments. Just to try the idea out and see how it flies in actual practice. Start adjusting to it being a potential standard for GG tournaments, smoothing out transition pains, etc.
If people want their individual bragging rights and monetary gain, they can play casuals, money/meal/bragging rights matches, or even hold their own side tourney if they can find enough people willing to play.

lolz we could throw a combined tournament somewheres and call it gg nationals.terran drop 828282828282

That’d be pretty cool, I’d like to see that happen. If this could happen, maybe there’s a chance for my Millia that I like to play but keep on getting wrecked by Eddie’s may have a chance.

What about those of us who have no fwends? :[

You team up with the other people that don’t have friends.

Everybody is going to agree with this but it probably won’t happen sigh

Hey, if it can happen, make it happen! :stuck_out_tongue:

um isnt this exactly why in america we have 2/3 tourneys without fixed characters?

if you know your opponent is picking eddie, pick someone else besides potemkin.

This is also exactly why America sucks (and I say this loosely, in a joking manner, but you know, laughter quickly dies out because somewhere deep inside, you know it’s the truth).

Because rather than sticking with your character and learning the worst possible matchups, you give up and pick another character. I know this sounds hilarious and hypocritical, coming from me (considering I was a Sol player in XX, predominantly Sol/Zappa player in #Reload, and now, considering Ky as my main now in Slash since Ky was actually my fun character for a very long time), but it is a conscious choice I made, and even though it’s “bad” for me in the long run, I do have fun in the process.

It’s a lot like smoking, I guess!

In Team Tournaments, there is a degree of strategy involved. You have to structure your team order that you think will produce better matchups, according to what and how you think the opposition will arrange their starting lineup. Of course, this isn’t always a case, as you can be facing a team full of top tiers. Fine, you can have that one. But one other thing I can say about Team Tournaments that are absent in 1 vs. 1 tourneys is: Momentum. Let’s say, theoretically speaking, that there is an Eddie Player on the opposition, and you and your other teammates have “terrible” matchups vs. Eddie. Let’s also say that the Eddie player’s teammates’ characters have a “decent” matchup vs. your team’s characters.

Chances are, the Eddie player will steam roll through the team. But! There is also a small chance where the Eddie player soundly beats the first two players of the team, then loses to the third player. That third player has potential momentum now especially since the team overcame the toughest hurdle, and the last two remaining matchups are “okay” at best. Something like momentum in this situation is more apparent than in 1 vs. 1 matches, and admittedly, they are very entertaining to watch… especially the comebacks.

Are Team Tournaments more “skillful”? Depends on how you look at it. Whereas you can have one GOOD player + 2 terrible players in a team and have him carry the team by himself, and do better than a 3 “decent” player team, it’s not always the case. There ARE times when a team is gonna be faced with a terrible matchup for each team member, but this is something that you’re going to have to deal with, and you’re encouraged to learn your character better even more (not that you have any choice to begin with). It’s an ugly incentive, but it’s really for the better. At the very least, when you’re facing a “bad matchup”, the blame isn’t entirely up to you, when you lose. Your teammates can pick you up as well, and who knows, maybe you can bail them out during the later rounds. It’s a lot easier to move on from mistakes and shortcomings, and it can possibly make it easier for you to become a better player.

because that eventually degenerates into who chooses the best character in the long run

I think SRK could care less about whether the format was singles or teams. This just saves them from having to get 20 setups for a singles tournament.

Exactly what I was thinking. 20 setups would be totally ridiculous for singles anyway, though, because I think they were simply trying to discourage us. :stuck_out_tongue:
Either way, we still got what we wanted, so no complaints.