Why has Daigo been doing just a lp dp after a forward throw?

I noticed in his recent matches he’s been doing a light dp after a forward throw. It builds meter but isn’t it better to go for a safe jump?

Sometimes the safe jump is too predictable and blocked easily. Standing next your opponent on their wake-up will have them guessing on what you’re going to do.

Builds meter and if timed properly it’s a mixup between EX Tatsu, throw, low, cr.mp frame trap and DP FADC. It’s actually quite nasty if you know how to use it effectively.

If he goes for the ambiguous jumpin he can to crossup the opponent and all the effort he put into pushing the opponent to the corner is lost. I rarely try the ambiguous jumps against most of the top tiers in the game, specially akuma.

he stopped to do lp dp after throw