Why has my balrog gone sooo week

since i started playing sf4 i used ryu but then i started using balrog i was really good with i even mained him but ssf4 came out i used balrog but for some reoson i got so crap at i cant even do basic combos why is this, now as iv gne rubbish with i just play with ryu who i do really well with im not a scrubby i know combos but i cant use my combo skill with balrog, please help of what i can do to improve my balrog, i even bought the the costume for him i think i should have bought it for another character now please help thanks a lot

Have you ever noticed those two keys next to the “m” and under the “l”? What do those do?

Your Balrog is so week cause it’s tuesday

Don’t know how you expect anyone to help you without being specific.

If it’s execution then go to the training room and readapt back to Balrog. Nobody can expect to go on a chracter hiatus then return some time later and just waltz into games pwn’ing face like they never left, at least not without warming back up with the character and getting back into the groove.