Why has the bp stalled at 15000

I stopped playing last week with 11000 bp and thought I was sure to drop down in rank horribly ,But when i came on live all the top people had stalled at 15000 and I had went down around 150 in rank.Just curious as to why everyone stopped increasing in rank.

Championship Mode anyone?

all you have to do is look for fujichan27 playing till I get to 15000 today

it’s because 15k is g1 and there’s not many people that play consistently enough to have a full tournament yet.

thanks thought that was the reason wasn’t sure

I saw a replay where someone was in a G2 tournament and they had over 15k at the time of that tournament. I thought it was weird, like maybe they let them have the option of playing G2 since not enough people are in G1.

Maybe they were in free mode? I don’t know if it’s possible to upload a replay on that or not.