Why hasn't there been a really good One Piece fighting game

Many of us on this forum are fans of this Manga and its a widely known fact that its the biggest Manga in japan right now. But why hasn’t there been a good fighting game based on the series yet. Can someone tell me if there is one or is it impossible to translate the manga into a fighting game without sacrficing a lot of the how the action plays out from the series .

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This is the absolute BEST One Piece fighting game EVER MADE (If you can get the ngc version, do so. Cuz I think a stage or two has slowdown on PS2)!!!


I still play it from time to time. I main Croc, #2, and Shanks. :tup:

EDIT: I could have sworn I made a thread for this game a while back. I can’t seem to find it. :confused:

One Piece Grand Battle 3 (JPN) = One Piece Grand Adventure (USA)

The only difference is that Wiper and Hina are replaced with Vivi and Tashigi…

There’s way more to Grand Adventure than Grand Batlle 3.

Grand Battle has 16 characters (including unlockables)
Grand Adventure has 24 characters (including unlockables) - sucks they got rid of Wiper and Hina. I’m sure Wiper is an assist character though.

Grand Adventure has more stages, assist, 1p modes, more mini games, etc.

Graphics are more polished. Added universal system mechanics (RCing is nice :woot: ). And reading menus in English is always a treat.

So I have to keep it realz Grand Adventure > Grand Battle 3 :cool:

It’d be nice to get a scene going. This game is surprisingly really good.

Edit: I find it funny that Naruto and One Piece can come out with decent to GREAT fighting games, but Bleach fighters are EPIC FAIL!!! And yes, I know about the Bleach fighter for DS…but who’d wanna play competitively on a DS? See how far Dissidia got? Yeah…exactly! :lol:

Damn SRK. I just started reading One Piece awhile ago and I was actually thinking about wanting to play it beyond just Jump Super/Ultimate Stars.
I heard Grand Adventure was good, but now I’m sold.

let’s see some vids?

This game would be cool if Luffy played like Dhalsim. Sadly it looks pretty shitty because everyone is short for some reason. Graphics in general are just really ugly for some reason. Maybe they could do this well on Xbox 360. Someone get Ono on it.

Because it doesn’t exist!:wow:

played like dhalsim? fuck no :rofl: luffy has to rush that shit down, long limbs or not

They havent made one yet because modern video game consoles cannot yet handle the physics of anime.

Kigaki-san who is the executive producer at Namco Bandai for the Naruto games officially stated this at Tokyo Game SHow last summer… he said that they have to develop their games around these shortcomings in order to do a good job of hiding them but they are not willing to make sacrifices and just create an unfaithful rendition of One Piece right now because its their franchise with the most die hard fans.

He said its currently just not possible and that the Xbox 360 will never be powerful enough but he thinks their might actually be a chance if they can harness all nine quadrants of the PS3’s cell proccesor to work in PERFECT syncronization with each other, hopefull they’ll know by mid to late 2010.

You can read the aritcle here

something tells me that that statement is total bullshit. why is it not possible?

I think the article is trying to say they’ve run out of ideas about how they would emulate One Piece in a game. I do agree with them though.

Grand Battle 3/Rush/Adventure were all fun, but I can easily say they were missing something.

For me, the huge environments were the biggest loss to Grand Battle when they moved to 3D. The 2D ones felt more ‘One Piece’ to me. he 2D ones felt more ‘One Piece’ to me.

<3 Grand Adventure. I can’t get many people to play with me. Hopefully I can get a few matches up sometime. But the people I might be able to play with kind of suck. :frowning:


I mainly play Usopp, Enel, and Kuina.

I’d like a semiserious (as in no super-deformed shit) One Piece game that covers characters (including the cp-9 characters) at least up to the anime’s Eneru arc.

To all of those who have played Grand Adventure a bit which characters do you think are probably the best?

Related: Do any of you know a good counter for Kuina in Grand Adventure? She is so freaking good.


you got trolled!

THere’s no good One Piece game because One Piece is garbage.

I remember[media=youtube]-EXudQGf10k"[/media] from some time ago.

Kinda looks like shit.